I am super excited today is Friday even though I’m working all weekend. I don’t have much to look forward to but the thought of the weekend is always great!

Breakfast this morning was identical to yesterday.

I enjoyed a WW English muffin with 3 egg whites. On one side of the English muffin was raspberry jam and the other side had a light swiss LC cheese wedge. Delicious!

Because I really need to make a TJs run and hopefully will get there on Sunday night after work, I am stuck with the same lunch as yesterday. I really love the yogurt and cereal combination but for lunch for some reason it doesn’t keep me as full! I’m not sure why, maybe it’s all in my head?!

I did actually mix up my flavor of yogurt though…peach today! I also finished off my fresh strawberries! I’m lovin’ that the berry season is starting to arrive!

For dinner tonight, I’m thinkin’ a salad. I have work from 6-1 and I would rather eat at work with the rest of the staff. I have quite a bit of blue cheese that is calling my name so I’m sure that will be incorporated one way or another.

Tomorrow I’m pullin’ a double from 10am-1am and Sunday I have work from 12pm-6pm. Unfortunately I probably won’t have time to post until Sunday night or Monday morning. I have another full week of subbing ahead of me! Three full weeks in a row, gotta love it!

Enjoy your weekends!


Relaxed Night!

Last night was the first night in weeks that Jhon and I were both home and had no where to be from the time we both got home from work. It was so nice to spend time together without having to worry about going somewhere or doing something.

I planned on blogging from work but it got pretty crazy yesterday so that never happened.

Breakfast yesterday was this delicious combination.

The combination of sweet and savory is just awesome! I had 3 egg whites on a light English muffin with a LC light swiss cheese wedge on one side and a tbsp of raspberry jam on the other! A mug of green tea also!

Lunch was my normal breakfast…

I am out of WW tortillas so I had to come up with something else. I needed something quick and easy and that’s where this came into play.  I had fresh strawberries on the side of my blueberry Oikos Greek yogurt and 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal.

After work, I stopped by to visit my mom! I haven’t had much time to do anything, including visit the family…so we hung for about an hour. During that time I ate a bunch of snacks at her house…probably definitely a few too many. I ended up over my cal0ries for the day but honestly it’s no biggie.

Dinner was incredibly delicious!

I baked some turkey meatballs in the oven and covered them in a little sauce and mozzarella cheese. I also had some string beans, a thin, yet long sweet potato, and corn on the cob! Everything was super tasty! Great dinner to enjoy with a great hubby! =]

Another semester down!

The craziness of the semester has ended!! Classes are officially completed so my life will return to normal on Tuesday and Wednesday nights for two months until my summer course begins.

Dieting has been going very well! I’ve done great this week for the amount of craziness that has taken place. Pat on the back for me :)!

Monday’s breakfast..

Blueberry Oikos Greek yogurt with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a cup of green tea. You will see this repeated because it’s just that delicious and easy!

Lunch Monday was tuna salad made simply with a can of tuna, celery, and onion. No mayo or anything to save on calories. On the side was carrots!

For a snack I had some of the sweetest pineapple ever!

Dinner was awesome because we used the grill for the first time this season! We made salmon the way I normally do with salmon seasoning and fresh lemon!

I had my 5.5 ounce piece over a romaine salad with cherry tomatoes and carrot slices. It was amazing! It has been months since I had grilled salmon!

Tuesday started off the exact same way as Monday..

A blueberry Oikos Greek yogurt with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a mug of green tea! Boy do I love this breakfast!

Lunch was…

A WW tortilla (I promise there is one under there) with a light swiss LC cheese wedge, spinach, tomato, and grilled chicken. I also had baby carrots on the side!

Dinner was early before class. I needed something quick because my partner slacked a little lot and our final project was due in less than an hour and her part was barely complete. I was freaking out but managed to make this quick enough to help her finish what she had to do! It was a close one, let me tell you. This is why I am ALWAYS prepared ahead of time. I don’t do well under pressure.

I ended up making a turkey bacon BLT with a LC light swiss cheese wedge, tomato, and lettuce. I had sliced fresh strawberries on the side! They were sooo sweet! YUM!

An apple was also consumed after fast-walking two miles on the track with a friend! And that concludes Tuesday!

On to Wednesday…

Same thing for breakfast! A blueberry Oikos Greek yogurt with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a mug of green tea!

Lunch was also the same!

I really enjoyed this lunch because we made this chicken on the grill on Monday with the salmon. We wrapped it in aluminum foil and it came out different than I’m used to but with an awesome taste! Unfortunately I ran out of WW tortillas so Thursday’s lunch has to be different.

When I got home from work, I had some freshly cut watermelon!!

Dinner I brought to my last class of the semester even though we were having a party with tons of delicious food! I brought brownies and managed to eat like .2 ounces of one!! I was soooo proud! I stuck with my salad and ended up under my calories!

The romaine salad contained grilled chicken, blue cheese, and cherry tomatoes! Sooo good! I also had a pear!

This sums up the last three days! I did well, didn’t I?!

I’m off to relief proctor for the state math tests! I’ll post my meals for today some time later!

Rainy Day.

Today was such a blah morning to wake up. It poured last night and continued to be crappy this morning. Luckily I prepared my lunch for today last night; otherwise I definitely would have just given in to bringing something quick.

Breakfast was the usual.

A blueberry Greek yogurt with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a mug of green tea. Okios were on sale this week so I went with them! I like this brand just as much as Chobani!

Lunch was a tuna salad, except this time I went with a plain salad. Tuna, celery, and onion is all that is combined. Carrot sticks on the side. No bread or anything to keep my calories low! Yum!

I’m off to finish up my day here at school subbing!

Hope everyone enjoys their Monday!


This week was jam-packed with work, parties, and errands. I can’t get over the fact that it’s Monday already.

The diet went relatively well. Saturday was definitely much better than Sunday, which was expected.

My day started off late Saturday because of my late night Friday. I had breakfast after finishing up my board game that I had to create for class on Tuesday. Breakfast was a banana with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal.

After a bunch of errands, I made lunch before heading off to work from 4-12.

I made a tuna salad with some new ingredients. Something I’ve been waiting try to try was incorporating plain greek yogurt to combine tuna or chicken salad and I finally did!

I combined a can of tuna, celery, onion, and carrots with about 2 tbsp plain greek yogurt, a squirt of relish and dijon mustard. I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste of the yogurt. Maybe with other ingredients and spices it could taste better? Not sure.

I brought a salad to work with me, along with an apple.

The salad contained blue cheese (of course!), chopped up roasted almonds and tomato. Simple yet delicious!

I had some other fresh fruit at work and mananged to avoid all other sweets!

Sunday was a different story…

Grandma’s 80th birthday brunch serving my favorite breakfast pizza meant I had to have a slice of that baby!

It is soooo good! Each time I have it, it seems to taste better and better! It’s basically a pizza crust with eggs, cheese, ham, turkey, bacon, home fries, and onions. I had it with a bunch of fresh, sweet strawberries! I also had a few other sweets.

Lunch was at my friend’s baby’s 1st birthday party!

They had it catered from a delicious italian restaurant. I tried a little bit of the ziti and sausage and peppers, along with a meatball, some salad, and a bread stick. It was delicious! I was proud that I controlled my portion very well and didn’t even think twice about getting more! Go me =]

After the baby’s birthday party, I went back to my parent’s house and had cake for Grandma’s birthday! I had a hefty slice of non-fat ice cream cake, along with a few chocolates and pretzel flats.

That concludes my weekend! Back to the grind. At least this week is my last week of classes! woohoo!


Friday continued my healthy eating! I subbed for a half day so I was able to come home and make myself lunch!

Before we get to lunch, I will post breakfast.

Breakfast was a blood orange Chobani with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal!

This flavor is actually really delicious. I’m not really a fan of orange flavored things but this I really enjoy!


Lunch was a turkey bacon BLT with a light swiss laughing cow cheese wedge, tomato, and romaine lettuce. It was sooo good! I also had some carrots on the side.

I ended up taking an hour-long nap before work so I woke up needing sweets. For some reason this always happens after I take a nap, no joke, almost every time!

To cure my cravings, I had an unpictured 100 calorie WW fudge bar and an oatmeal cookie from a local diet store that my sister works at. The oatmeal cookies are awesome! They contain 94 calories and are relatively big and delicious!

Dinner was a salad..

containing blue cheese, chicken, tomato, and carrot. Yum! I also added a little bit of the food that they were serving at work because it contained canellini beans and chicken, which I love!

At work, I also had some fruit and a bite of a pastry that I couldn’t take my eyes off of. I controlled myself VERY well so I was proud of that!

I worked until about 11pm and then we headed off to visit our friend who is home from just graduating from boot camp! They were all drinkin’, A LOT. I mananged to only take a few sips of beer! I don’t need those extra calories ;)!

We ended up having a super late night..I think I finally hit the pillow sometime after 4am, which meant a late morning for me on Saturday.

All in all, not a bad day diet wise!

Healthy Lifestyle!

As I said in my previous post, I am working on incorporating healthy foods and working out consistently back into my lifestyle. I was eating realtively healthy for the most part, but there were definitely days with extra calories and sweets, specifically ice cream! I’m like an ice cream monster. I could eat it all day, every day. Too bad it doesn’t have many nutrients =(.

This week I changed the amount of food I was eating and tried to eat more nutritious! I’m shooting for about 1,200 calories a day.

I’m going to do one post for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday because my lunch was the same each day, as was breakfast!

This was the first meal I had Tuesday morning, a black cherry Chobani with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a cup of green tea!

Lunch was the same each day this week- a WW tortilla with a LC light swiss cheese wedge smothered on the tortilla with 3 ounces of chicken, tomato, and spinach. I also had some baby carrots on the side.

Unfortunately the picture isn’t the best. I wasn’t able to snap a good picture because I assembled the wrap at school and ate with other teachers so I didn’t want to look like a weirdo taking a picture!

Dinner Tuesday night wasn’t so great. I totally wasn’t feelin’ this chicken that I pan-cooked with red pepper flakes, garlic powder, and onion flakes. I managed to eat it but it was not good. I also had 1/2 cup quinoa and string beans!

Tuesday night I also mananged to get to a kickboxing class at my graduate school. It was much different than I expected but a great workout!

Breakfast on Wednesday was slightly different than Tuesday because a raspberry Greek yogurt was the flavor of choice. I also had 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and anothe cup of green tea!

Lunch was the same as Tuesday.

This delicious snack happened before four hours of class…

A banana with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal!

Dinner was better…

1/2 cup of both quinoa and edamame with zucchini and string beans! (waiting on the picture!)

Breakfast Thursday was another Chobani.

Raspberry this time with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a cup of green tea. Seems to be a trend, huh!?

Lunch was exactly the same as Tuesday.

Snack was similar to Wednesday…

Actually exactly the same! This combo used to be my breakfast almost everyday for months; however now I’m waking up about 3 hours earlier so I need something with a little more protein to get my day started!

I got to the gym again this week! Another kickboxing class, except this one was with my favorite instructor from the gym that closed down! I finally got there! I’ve been saying for week I wanted to go and never made it happen. Jhon and I finally decided we would go and it was a great class! The only reason we always tend to throw the gym to the way-side is because it’s so far away. A 30 minute drive minimum is a little too far!

Dinner was awesome!

Three egg white and turkey bacon cups. 1/2 cup edamame, tomato slices, zucchini, and carrot sticks! The egg cups were the BEST part!

And that concludes the first three days of my diet! Successful and under 1,200 calories each day!



Hello fellow bloggers. I am back in action! Life has been insanely busy so I took a hiatus from blogging but I am finally back for good! Graduate classes end next week and most assignments have been completed so I will have more time on my hands to blog about the next journey I am about to take.

Over the past month, I have eaten well for the most part. Here and there I have had of overindulgence, which has allowed my weight to creep up slightly. I am currently up a few more pounds than I would have liked so it’s the perfect time to get back on track and lose these last 40 or so pounds!

I’m going to recap a bunch of photos that I took over the past month before I begin documenting my fresh start!

To start off, I made a fun lunch with WW Ritz crackers, blazing buffalo chicken, a LC light swiss cheese wedge, squirt of mustard, and a tomato slice on top!

I discovered the most amazing fresh blue cheese ever! I never bought it fresh from the deli counter and I’m in love! I will only buy this type from now on! For an entire week I had a romaine salad with blue cheese and various other toppings! It was sooo good!! This specific salad above had blue cheese, tomato slices, carrot shavings, and grilled chicken!

Basically the same thing!

And one more time…

This one had almonds in it instead of chicken! I won’t bore you with a more pictures of similar salads…Told ya I was am obsessed ;)!

Jhon and I finally used our waffle maker and made fresh waffles! They turned out massive so I had two and covered them with raspberry jam, banana slices, and half of a diced pear!

I also tried making pizza on light Engilsh muffins with marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. I added some garlic powder and dried oregano for flavor!

I also made my own chicken salad with fresh chicken! I added onion and celery and mixed it with a little mayo, relish, and dijon mustard! I served it on top of a light English muffin with cherry tomatoes on the side. It came out good, but I have to perfect it! I’m thinking of trying it with plain Greek yogurt!

Amazing combo as always! A light English muffin with almond butter and banana slices!

This awesome combo was something new that I tried! It has 3 egg whites between a light English muffin. On one side of the English muffin is raspberry jam and the other has a light swiss LC cheese wedge! Delicious even though it sounds kinda strange!

This combination I had a bunch of times with various different fruits. Pineapple was the chosen fruit that day! This breakfast never lets me down!

During this past month, I went to Whole Foods with a friend of mine who had never been there. We found this AMAZINGLY delicious and cheap french vanilla almond granola. If you can try this, do it! You will NOT regret it!!

The same night we picked up food for dinner because we had four hours of class ahead of us! A bunch of different things were combined in a box, some were good, some not so much. My favorite was the salad with goat cheese, craisins, and apples! I could definitely eat a whole container of this salad! The goat cheese was so creamy and fresh…MMM!

This scrumptous taco salad Jhon and I made for dinner one night. Romaine lettuce on the bottom, topped with tomatoes, turkey taco meat, cheddar cheese, salsa, and sour cream!

That pretty much covers all the pictures I have! Now onto the healthier lifestyle I’ve been working on since Tuesday, April 17!