I want to start this post off by saying Congratulations to our amazing friends Katelyn and Travis who are getting married today!! Love you two!

As you all know today begins my “cheat weekend”. I was super excited last night and couldn’t sleep. I honestly felt like a little kid on Christmas Eve. I’m not sure how I’m going to sleep the night before my wedding if this is how I am before their wedding!! Ahhh!

This morning I woke up and had a nice healthy breakfast! A quick peach Chobani with 1/2 cup TJs fiber cereal and 1/2 cup granola. This granola is a special one from this diet store by my house and only has 157 calories for an ENTIRE CUP! It’s delicious too! This breakfast held me over for quite a bit! Two hours later and I’m still not hungry at all! Good choice number 1 for the weekend!

I got a mani-pedi this morning with my sister! It was waaayyy over due. My nails looked disgusting but now they feel all glammed up for tonight! Jhon is on his way over to hang for a bit before he has to meet up with the other groomsmen and get this day going!! AHHH I still cannot believe it’s here! A few more hours then I’m on the road to check into the hotel and head on over to the catering hall for the ceremony & reception on this beautiful day!! ūüėÄ

Oh and I managed to lose exactly 1 pound since Sunday, even though I was off track Sunday and couldn’t work out this week! One pound closer to my goal and OFFICIALLY over 50 pounds (50.8)!


Mug O’ Oats & Chocolate!

Tonight for dinner I wasn’t in the mood to cook. My sister¬†and I were working on my hair and makeup for tomorrow and it was 7pm before we knew it. We tried curling my hair, our original plan, and thankfully we tried it out because it didn’t work! My hair does not hold curls whatsoever! So we ended up figuring out another hairstyle that is simple yet elegant and I think it looks great! The makeup just pulled it all together and made me look my age, not 17!

Once our bellies were growling, my sister made a mug of oatmeal so I followed because it sounded super delicious! Into mine went a ton of cinnamon and about 10 mixed white and dark chocolate mini¬†Hershey¬†chocolate chips! As soon as they hit the warm oatmeal, they melted and got all gooey!! Soooo good! I really enjoyed it, especially with the banana slices. I accompanied this dinner with a super sweet & juicy peach. Unfortunately, not many veggies today or probably this weekend. Monday will be ALL veggies!! I’m off to pack up my bag for this crazy weekend that is almost upon us!

P.S. Weigh-in tomorrow morning since Sunday will NOT be a good day for me weight wise!

1 more hour!!!

Only one more hour at work until an amazing weekend is ready to begin! Today has been a rough day. I definitely jinxed myself saying that I’d rather the baby be awake and keeping me busy than being bored all day because she put me through you know what today. ¬†Anyway now she is asleep and I have a little less than an hour to go! Cross your fingers she stays asleep until I leave!!

Last night I felt guilty for adding a little extra cheese to my quesadillas so I ended up not eating my Chobani at work. I didn’t feel like I needed it so I skipped it! I felt better about my calories for the day, which I’m pretty sure ended up being under than slightly over!! This week has been so hard to diet just knowing I’m going to enjoy myself guilt free this weekend. I want to eat EVERYTHING!! Somehow I’m managing to get through. If this was how dieting was all the time I don’t know if I could do it.

Today’s meals were literally exactly the same as yesterday. I’ve been trying to drink a little extra water so tomorrow when I get my drink on I’m super hydrated! I haven’t drank alcohol since February 1st, probably earlier than that actually, ¬†and with about 50 pounds off of my body, I’m definitely going to feel the alcohol sooner. Hopefully I don’t under-judge my limit! I knowwww everyone is super excited I’m drinking and wants to get me drunk. Anddd I know everyone is going to take shots to celebrate the new Mr. & Mrs.! AHHHH…I’m off to catch up on my emails and then head home for my sister¬†to practice doing my hair for tomorrow!! Should be a great night ahead of me!


This afternoon after work I came home to make some dinner. I wanted to make something different and I was planning on making some breakfast quesadillas with egg whites and turkey bacon. Instead I decided on chicken quesadillas. They came out AMAZING!! I did not feel like I was on a diet while I was eating these. In the quesadillas I had 4 ounces of chicken, a heaping 1/3 cup Weight¬†Watchers¬†mexican¬†blend cheese, red pepper, onion, and garlic. Wow I enjoyed every single bite and now I’m super full! I dipped them in some chunky salsa. On the side I had a nice serving of steamed brussel sprouts and carrots. I enjoyed every bite! Now that I’m almost at my calorie limit for the day I’m off to my last shift at the catering hall until after our friend’s wedding!!!

Gorgeous Day!!

I love the beautiful days of spring that lead into summer. Today the temperature reached 82 and it felt amazing! I left the house with leggings and a tee on and I WAS comfortable. No need for a sweater! It’s 2pm now and the baby has slept ever since I got here at 10. Another easy day. I’ve been doing some wedding research, ordered a few more things including MY PINK BRIDAL SHOES¬†(the color I ordered is watermelon)! I came across them in an email I received today and just had to order them! I hope they fit! I also ordered the clutches I am giving my ladies as one of their many gifts! ūüôā

My excitement for our friend’s wedding on Friday is getting to be too much!! I just can’t wait! We’ve been talking about this day for almost 2 years now and it’s this week!!! It’s the day after tomorrow!! AHHHH!

Meals today were the same as yesterday so far.¬†Breakfast¬†was my favorite- banana with fiber cereal followed by a crunchy green apple at noon! Lunch I had a delicious oven roasted BH chicken bagelwich with baby spinach, tomato, and carrots on the side. Baby carrots seem to be my thing lately. Steamed, raw, love them every way! Tonight for dinner I’m making something new! I hope it comes out good because I am off to work at 6. It’s not a wedding tonight, rather a banquet for a high school nearby…can I say BOOORING!!

Real Ryder Spin Class!

Tonight I made it to the spin class my sister¬†that I planned to attend. It was with one of the less intense instructors which was perfect for me just getting back into it. It was just as I remember- boring! I really felt my quads working and I’m sure I will be sore tomorrow. It felt so good to workout though! Now that I’m home and chomping down on my dinner, I feel great!

Dinner tonight I made 5 ounces of chicken seasoned with garlic powder and red pepper flakes, along with some steamed brussel sprouts and carrots. I also had a sweet peach for my sweet tooth because it’s really taking me for a temptation ride this week and I can tell you it is NOT fun. My mom put out these Lindt milk chocolate truffles that I LOVEEEE and they are just staring at me. I will definitely be enjoying one or two, maybe three of these this weekend- of course in moderation ;). One per day shall we say?! My calories were on par tonight I’m happy to report! With all these celebrations coming up I’m getting a little nervous although I shouldn’t be because I have complete control over what goes into my mouth- something I have to remember! I’m off to enjoy this BEAUTIFUL evening with my love!! =]

Another easy day!

Today has been a relatively easy day so far. The baby slept until 2:30 so I was free all morning! I didn’t get much done because I was tired. I caught up with a few friends, thats about it! It was supposed to go up to 82 degrees today, but how come I’m wearing a tee with capris and had to put my hoodie on over it! Fail mr. weather guy! Lunch was a sandwich! Boy it’s been a while and I sure enjoyed these flavors in my mouth! I had 3 ounces of BH ovenroast chicken with baby spinach and tomato on WW bread with baby carrots! Tonight I’m off to a spin class at 6. I haven’t taken spin in yearssss and I remember thinking it was sooo boring. Hopefully the music is good and I get into it…oh and my butt doesn’t bother me!

Sweet Potato Fries!<3

Since I’m taking this week off (for the most part) from working out to let my butt relax, I missed my mixer class tonight. I was a little sad as my mom and sister walked out the door and I had to stay behind. I decided to cook up some dinner to keep myself busy. I ended up making sweet potato fries again because they were amazing last week when I made them. I had a nice 6 ounce serving!! Because of my major salt consumption yesterday, I only used cracked pepper. No salt! They tasted exactlyyy the same! I also had 3 egg white and turkey bacon cups, as well as a nice warm bowl of steamed broccoli and carrots. Steamed carrots rock! They are sooo sweet and delicious! I drank a ton of water today and 3 cups of green tea! Hopefully tomorrow I feel a little less bloated! 4 days till Travis & Katelyn’s Wedding!

Crazy weekend = OVER!

I’m so happy this weekend is over! It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be! My brides were both sweethearts and I really enjoyed working with them! Sometimes bridal attending does pay off! Sunday I woke up bright and early, probably the earliest I’ve woken up in months and had a ton of energy! I packed 900 calories of food to bring with me including 2 Chobanis, a banana, and an almond butter and raspberry jam bagelwich; however plans changed once I got to work. I snacked on a few tiny muffins and cookies. My energy started to decline as the day progressed and I ended up craving sweets to boost my energy. I left work at got a slice of mushroom pizza from one of my favorite places around here and enjoyed EVERY last bite! All in all, the day ended way above my normal calorie intake.

Now that it’s Monday I’m back on track, but not really hungry at all. I had a banana and fiber cereal for breakfast. For lunch I made some chicken with garlic powder and red pepper flakes and a handful of baby carrots. Not sure where my night is headed. Jhon is off to work A G A I N. I miss spending time with him so muchhh…hopefully tomorrow we can have the whole night to ourselves!

Busy night ahead of me =/

Tonight I’m working 5:30pm-2am and I’m bridal attending. This is NOT the easiest job most of the time and lately our catering hall has been catering to a ton of bridezillas. My boss is losing her top already and it’s just the beginning of the season for us. Hopefully tonight won’t be too bad since I KNOW tomorrow is going to be rough. The entire facility was warned about the two brides we have coming in tomorrow. They are going to be HELL. I have another bridal attending shift tomorrow morning which starts exactly 6 hours after I get out of work tonight. I’m sure all of you know this but I NEED MY SLEEP!!! Yes, I’m one of thoseeee. All I can say is, is it Sunday night yet?!

Tonight before work, I made the exact same dinner as last night, except my seasoning on the chicken was red pepper flakes and garlic powder instead of the cracked pepper and powder. I liked this combo even more! I’m hoping that this meal tides me over because I’ve been sooo hungry and weak at night lately! I’m hoping I’ll be super busy and won’t even have time to think about food! Tomorrow is weigh-in day! Hopefully I will break that 50 pound loss!