Last day of February!

What a crazyyy Monday it has been. I’ve been nannying for this family for about a month now and they ideally would like a live-in nanny. Obviously that is not something I would consider because I am getting married to the love of my life in less than 7 months and wouldn’t want to rent an apartment and only him stay there. This past weekend, the family had an interview with a woman who could posisbly be their live-in. However, last week they were asking me if I wanted to stay and work full-time for them weekly (right now I do a ton of hours, but random ones and they were looking for like 8-6 or something). I told them that I would be interested in doing it and they were super excited because the kids have grown to love me. I was excited because it’s great money but at the same time it’s quite a drive and I leave exhausted with no time to get to the gym or the classes I want to go to. So anyways, the father told me that he would call me on Saturday after the interview to let me know how it went and if I should look for something else and so forth. Did I get that phone call?? NO. So coming to work this morning I was ready for him to talk to me and did he? NO. After a crazy morning, I end up bringing up the topic of this interview. Guess what I find out, they are going to hire her and she starts NEXT MONDAY! I was like in shock, complete and utter shock when he told me! And when he told me, he didn’t even seem to care one bit! That made me realize that it couldn’t have come at a better time.

So I have an interview to substitute teach on Thursday, when I’m supposed to be but I told him that he has to work with me, and I will most likely be starting that Monday! And the most fantastic part about that is that it’s in the same town that I live in and I will be out by 3/330 so I can go to any class at the gym I want!!!! WooHooooo! I have to say I’m super excited even though I’m pissed at them!

This week will be the same foods mostly during the day. I’m going to try to mix up my dinners a little but i’m working the crazy 15 hour days and not sure if that will totally happen. I’m feeling great though! Lunch today I bought lemon pepper BH chicken. It was good, definitely not my favorite though, but the sugar snap peas = to die for!<3

Okay enough rambling!! I’m off to hang with the baby until he goes down for a nap. I’m going to miss his little face =(…I’m supposed to get out of here today at 5, but because the dad has a phone call it’s going to be 5:30 so I’m going to end up speeding to my mixer class!! But I am determined to make it!!!


Day 27! Wooohoo!

Today was my weigh-in day and I only lost 1 pound. It was strange because I felt super thin and not bloated this morning so I thought I lost like 5 pounds but I’m okay with losing only 1. Hey it’s 1 less than I weighed last week! However, I tried on a pair of jeans that are a size smaller than when I started and last week they were tight but fit…and this week they fit great! So I’m probably losing inches instead of pounds! Today’s lunch is to the left, it’s a pizza that I made using a Flatout flax and multigrain wrap, some TJs pizza sauce, 2 ounces of chicken, yellow squash, onion, and red pepper. Once it was cooked I put some parm cheese on it and it was delicious!!! I love how crispy the crust is. It makes me want to take a wrap and just toast it and eat it! haha. On the side I had a nice serving of sugar snap peas<33 I ate them while cooking so that’s why they’re not pictured!

Tomorrow is back to the grind, ugh. This week I’m working three 15 hour days on top of two 10 hour days. I’m totally not looking forward to it. But it’s going to be great money and I can hopefully nap and relax because the father will not be there all week! Less stress! =]…For dinner tonight it was salmon sunday, my fav! The salmon was delicious as usual and because I didn’t eat much today I had a ton of calories left over so I had a 6.5 oz piece, HUGE! with some sweet potato, cauliflower, yellow squash, and asparagus. I’m stuffed and I ate 90 minutes ago!


So this weekend ended up being super busy. I didn’t have time for much. Saturday I went to the gym and did some yoga. It was a great class, I’m definitely getting stronger! During the day I worked on some homework and then I had work at the catering hall 4:30-11. It was the wedding of two people that actually work with us so it was fun because we knew alot of people who attended the bash! I got lucky and got to serve my friends who work there with me so they totally made it a great night! Lunch/dinner was to the left. It included quinoa, chicken and then red pepper, sugar snap peas and onions.

After yoga I went to the store and got some produce and other things with my sister. I bought sugar snap peas, which I LOVEEEE! I’ve never bought them from a grocery store, normally I get them from costco in a huge package and they go bad because I get so many. I’ve been eating these all weekend though! so yummy! I didn’t have a dinner because I was working so instead I brought almonds, a banana, an apple, and a yogurt. A lot of times when we’re working we snack so I figured the more I had to eat, the less likely I would feel deprived!

Almost time to weigh in!

Gosh it’s already 11pm on Friday night. I’m utterly exhausted, I couldn’t even think about going out right now. For dinner tonight I wanted to use my quinoa because I hate wasting it. I made some on Sunday and didn’t use much this week so I definitely wanted to come up with dinner tonight using it. I ended up going to the store to buy chicken after work and found 70 calorie chicken sausages in a spicy buffalo flavour. Of course I bought them and they were great! I had one with my quinoa with some chicken and red pepper, onion, and spinach. Overall it was delicious!

Tomorrow morning is yoga! Unfortunately when I got up today I hurt my butt (again, what else is new), actually really badly. This injury is going to be the death of me, seriously! But I’m going to get a nice massage from my fiancé before bed tonight! =] love him!

Oh and I also bought a coupon thing from this deal website for a dance studio around here I wanted to try really badly. It’s 240/month for a membership, crazy I know…so when I saw pay 25 dollars and get 50 dollars worth I was like I totally need to buy this! I got a pole dancing class and two more classes of my choice for 25 bucks! They have pole dancing, belly dancing, zumba, chair dancing, yoga, latin fusion…things like that. It looks awesome and I’m super excited to go!


Whewww I’m pooped! Today was rainy and windy and the perfect day to sleep! Instead I was building an 18 wheeler out of tiny legos for 3 hours, probably more! I just cannot wait to leave work tonight and head home knowing I can sleep as late as I want tomorrow (well yoga is at 11:30!). Lunch was the usual again…I promise tomorrow it won’t be! During the week I just love having a sandwich because it doesn’t feel like diet food to me and it’s super filling!

I didn’t have any hummus today and I definitely missed it =(…The people I nanny for only had a little bit left of the two flavors and I didn’t want to use all of either, so I ate my carrots plain. Okay I’m off to rest while the baby is sleeping and the oldest is at a birthday party!

Lite Kettle Corn

Today for a snack I had a bag of TJs lite kettle corn! It’s only 110 calories for the entire bag and it’s filled pretty high! Andddd it’s so good! I don’t like kettle corn at all, but this is great!

I have to go food shopping I have like no fruit or veggies left. My finance’s mother bought bananas but they were huge, definitely like 200-250 calories so I cut one in half this morning to have with my fiber cereal. I’m not really sure what I’m having for dinner either because my food supply is low but I’m sure I’ll figure something out!


Lunch today was the same, and as delicious as always! I didn’t post dinner last night because the picture came out horrible and I ate half of it before I remembered to take a picture! Whoops!! I had egg whites with turkey bacon on a WW British muffin (the last of them) with a ton of steamed broccoli!

I’m so happy it’s Thursday! I really can’t wait until the weekend, even though I’m working at the catering hall. It should be interesting because it’s a wedding of two people that work with us and some of my friends are going (not me because the groom used to harass me, not bad though) so instead I’m working it! I’ll post dinner later, hopefully after a nice workout!

New found love…

Over the last couple years I’ve bought probably about 10 different hummus containers but I have never finished one. It’s one of those foods I always think I like and buy when I’m trying to get back on track. When I crack it open and try it, I never enjoy it, it’s just blah. Well this time seems to be different! I’ve been eating the spinach and artichoke hummus and I really enjoy it, plus it’s good for me! Now that I really like it I can buy some flavours I probably will enjoy! So today’s lunch was a turkey sandwich (shocker!) with baby spinach and tomato and baby carrots with 1 tbsp of hummus on the side.

YUM! The baby didn’t sleep much this afternoon so I have to go entertain him now. Tonights dinner will probably be egg whites with turkey bacon and my last WW british muffin from TJs…gotta get some more! And probably some steamed broccoli on the side and some red pepper!

This whole week the 4 year old has been home because no school but tomorrow he’s going to his friends house until nap time…WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! How excited am I?! Dinner will be up later! =]

Chickpeas & Quinoa

Tonights dinner was relatively boring! I had some chickpeas and quinoa with some steamed broccoli and baby carrots. It was quick to throw together which is what I needed after a long day! I also got to use my steamer I got for the engagement party! It’s super cool…it can steam two different things separately!

My body is getting progressively sore as the hours go on and on today from mixer last night. It definitely feels great but still hurts! I hope to get to the gym again Thursday night and Saturday morning…I’m off to relax! Hope everyone has a fantastic night =]

The usual…

Lunch today is the usual…3 ounces of turkey (I weighed it on my scale last night but it felt like 4, hopefully I was weighing to the right number!) with baby spinach and tomato with baby carrots on the side and I added 1 tablespoon of spinach and artichoke hummus. I’m really starting to like hummus. It was delicious!

This morning I spoke to the father of the people I nanny for. When I initally got this job I took it until they found a live-in because I was desperate but I’ve really grown to like the family a lot and the kids. So the father wants me to stay permanent! I’m really excited because it’s awesomeeee money for not really doing that much! Plus they live in a really hilly area so I can take the baby out walking and burn some major calories! They even have a bike with a seat for the baby so I should be all set! Pretty cool, right!! I’m definitely excited! =]