Almost Wordless Recap!

Sorry I’ve been MIA…life gets in the way sometimes!

I’m going to share all my recent pictures since last Tuesday, which is quite a few! Enjoy!

And to today…

And that concludes it. Last week was a busy one leading up to a wonderful mostly stress-free week off from everything!

I’m off to Atlantic City on Wednesday for a nice getaway! We’re going with a group of friends and staying at Caesar’s! Should be a great time!

Other than that, I’m going to try to eat less daily, add some exercise, and enjoy my vacation! See ya’ll soon!


Coconut WW Breaded Chicken!

Dinner was a team effort tonight between Jhon and I. He prepped everything for me to make and I cooked it! We ended up with two types of chicken- WW breaded baked chicken and coconut WW breaded baked chicken. I wasn’t sure which we would like better so I went with both.

In the end the one with coconut was AMAZING! It had so much more flavor than the plain one; however I did enjoy both. I even went back for seconds!

Our chicken was accompanied by tons of veggies! I had a huge serving of steamed carrots and a handful of cherry tomatoes. I can finally say I enjoyed my veggie sides!

I’m off to read for class Wednesday and write my response paper. Oh joy!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Jhon claims he has some amazing surprise plans for me. Last year we hung low because we were saving for the wedding and I was on a hardcore diet. Check out my post from last Valentine’s day here! I’m so excited for tomorrow! I love being surprised and knowing nothing! I have class until 6:50pm and then it’s time to race home and celebrate!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Back to Work!

Finally, I’m back to work! I subbed in a resource room today and it was super easy. I had 3 groups of students, one with 4 students, one with 3, and one with 1! The last group of 5 cancelled because of testing! I sat there with nothing to do more than half of the day. I kinda wished that I brought my homework!

Oh and I finally slept pretty well last night and was able to breath throughout the night. I woke up with a moist mouth finally instead of a sandpaper one.

Breakfast was the only Chobani in my fridge.

A raspberry one with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal. It felt good to be on track, I have to say.  I also had a cup of green tea!

Lunch was just okay today. I wasn’t really feelin’ it for some reason when I normally enjoy it.

I had a WW sandwich thin with BH ever-roast chicken, lettuce, and tomato. I also had an apple on the side. I normally love this combo, hence why I eat it all the time. Hopefully tomorrow I enjoy it more, otherwise Wednesday I’m bringin’ somethin’ else for lunch!

Snack was healthy!

A banana with more fiber cereal and another cup of green tea! Overall, great meals so far! I even passed up my normal vanilla cone for the day because I wanted to eat well and get more nutrients in my body!

I’m off to cook dinner! Something a little different for me…I’m pumped!

Weekend Recap!

How is it Sunday already! Weekends fly by wayyy too fast. Agree?

I’m exhausted, still toughin’ out this cold, and ready to relax for the night before another week starts. So this post is going to be short and sweet!

Friday I had a snack before dinner, something I used to love but haven’t had in years!

These apple cinnamon soy chips by Glennys are awesome! My mom used to buy these for my sister and I to snack on a couple times a week and we loved them! I picked them up last week and finally got around to eating them!

Dinner was:

A small piece of salmon baked with salmon seasoning and fresh lemon, green beans and a large sweet potato. The sweet potato was by far my favorite part. It was so sweet and delicious. I didn’t want it to end!

Saturday morning I woke up feeling like complete doo-doo. I knew we were hosting a party that night and needed to feel better! We stayed in bed for a good hour and a half after waking up and then Jhon made me breakfast which was wonderful!

An egg white sandwich with turkey bacon on a WW British muffin. I also had a warm up of green tea and a clemintine on the side.

We rested all day besides our meeting with our accountant to prepare our taxes. After tons of vitamins and supplements were consumed I felt better by 6!

I had a pick me up dinner to soothe my cold, just in case it came back.

A warm bowl of chicken and rice soup, another cup of green tea, some Ritz crackers, and some crunchy red grapes!

We proceeded to have an awesome night with some of our amazing friends! Our heads didn’t hit the pillow until around 5:30am, possibly even later.

I woke up today feeling like complete doo-doo once again. I know drinking was not the best idea for me but we had the party planned and I enjoyed myself. I rested all day, taking a two hour nap, and planing my bottom on the couch all day.

One of our friends picked up a pizza for us for lunch.

It was AMAZING. I love mushroom pizza with a passion, especially from this place he picked the pizza up from! It’s one of my all-time favorite foods. I had two slices of that baby and enjoyed every single bite! He also picked up a few garlic knots as well which were amazing!

As I said, I didn’t do much today besides rest-up. I did however get to the grocery store to pick up some food for the week. I only spent $24.98 and that should cover us for the week! Awesome, right!

Dinner was:

Jack Daniel’s pulled chicken on an English muffin with a light swiss LC cheese wedge and..

Sweet potato fries!

All in all, delicious foods but my belly is feelin’ huge. =(

I just got a call for subbing tomorrow which makes me feel better since I didn’t work once last week due to my ankle and oncoming cold. I need to get in as many subbing shifts as I can this week since it’s the last week before winter break the following week. Monday and Thursday are guaranteed for me so far!

Hope everyone has a good start to their week!

Raspberry Greek Yogurt & Fiber Cereal

After a late night and many appetizers consumed past 10pm, I woke up feeling not so great. Ironically, I was quite hungry this morning, which tends to happen when I eat a lot late at night. I waited it out a little so that I could see if I was actually hungry or if it was my mind messing with me. I put off breakfast until about 11:45am.

I had a Dannon Oikos Raspberry Greek Yogurt with a heaping 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a cup of wild bluberry and acai green tea! It definitely hit the spot!

After breakfast I worked on some homework and got one of only two things due next week completed!

I’m off to either make some lunch or relax since this cold is getting on my nerves! I keep sneezing and I’m not too happy about that.

Tonight I’m going to visit my parents for a bit since they leave for a cruise tomorrow. Is anyone else jealous besides me?! I wish I was goin’ cruisin’ along the Caribbean for over a week!

Not sure what else is going on tonight but Happy Friday!

Feel Better Dinner

Last night dinner came in the form of anything I had that I thought would make me feel better. I had a warm bowl of chicken and rice soup, unsalted saltine crackers, a mandarin orange (my first ever!), a cup of warm blueberry green tea, and a small serving of WW pasta tuna salad.

The soup definitely helped my throat but my nose kept running throughout the night. We went to Dave and Buster’s for some fun followed by Applebee’s after 10 for half-price appetizers and 2-fer-1 drink specials. It ended up being a wonderful night and I felt better once I came home to crash on the couch.

We also sang Happy Birthday to Jhon’s father at midnight. It’s their tradition to sing once the clock strikes 12 on their birthday! If I was working today, I would have been passed out so luckily everything fell into place!

Pink Oats!

I can officially check off another week of classes for this semester! Phew! This semester is going by wayyy too slow. My professor is giving us too much work and we all hate it! She smartened up a little this semester. UGH!

Anyhow, last night I packed this delicious bar for a snack between classes:

It’s a KIND bar and the flavor is dark chocolate cherry cashew! Awesome!

Today I woke up feeling sore and stuffy. Now that my ankle is finally healing, I’m getting sick. Really?!?! It never ends.

Breakfast was a banana and fiber cereal.

By the way, has anyone noticed I’m eating bananas with brown on them now!? I could never do this before but now that I’m spending my own money on groceries, things change!

Following breakfast I went on my way to run some errands. I found the most amazing Valentine’s Day card for Jhon! I cannot wait to give it to him! I wasn’t successful in regard to finding something to wear Saturday for the party that Jhon and I are hosting. I guess I will have to continue looking!

Lunch was similar to the other day…oats, berries, and almonds.


After! Pink Oats!

This combo is so good! I also love that it brings berries back into my life due to the fact that they are super costly at the store.

I’m off to elevate my ankle. It’s bothering me slightly from all the walking I did today. Tonight we’re headed out for a friend’s birthday! Not sure where to…possibly dinner then Dave and Buster’s or the other way around! Should be a fun night!


Well to start, last night I could not sleep knowing I had a panel interview in the morning. Even though I’m not even 100% sure I want this job, I was shakin’ in my boots.

I managed to eat breakfast but forgot to take a picture. It was the same as yesterday…a banana with fiber cereal.

The interview came after breakfast. I prepared a bunch of questions that I figured they would definitely ask, worked on my portfolio, and all that good stuff and nothing was needed. They asked me a bunch of weird questions. Overall, I think it went well. The interview was followed by an hour writing sample which was very tough. There were a ton of applicants and everyone agreed it wasn’t easy. I also think they already had the people they are hiring because some people had very long interviews and they were the people who were already well-known in the district. Oh well, I guess we will see what happens.

After the interview I stopped by my parents house to pick up a bunch of stuff I left there this past weekend and snacked on a bunch of sweets. As a result lunch wasn’t until much later, around 3 before I headed to school.

I had some left over Jack Daniel’s pulled chicken over a WW British muffin with a LC light swiss cheese wedge underneath it all. An apple on the side rounded out the meal.

Now I’m off to class. Four hours of sitting in the same classroom with the same professor…not looking forward to it. At least tomorrow is Thursday and my ankle is feeling MUCH better! I can almost walk normally again!

Oh, Tuesday.

Yesterday I spent another day with my ankle propped up. I slept for like 12 hours Monday night so I was super refreshed when I woke up and I honestly think that helped my ankle. I was able to walk a little more yesterday but I wasn’t fully mobile. Jhon prepared most of my meals like a wonderful hubby!

Breakfast was simple:

A banana with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal. This box has so many fiber chunks and I’m just in my glory!

Lunch was:

2/3 cup quick oats with cinnamon, crushed up roasted almonds, and a ton of frozen defrosted berries! I ended up mixing it all together and it was sooo good. When I defrost the berries, they end up making a berry flavored juice which makes the oats pinkish purple and delicious!! Definitely making this combo again soon!

Jhon then drove me to class because my driving foot is of course the injured one. Afterwards we stopped by Subway for some subs because neither of us felt like cooking.

AMAZING. I really do love subway. I got a footlong because any footlong is $5 this month versus a 6-inch for $4.50. My choice was chipotle chicken with monterey/cheddar, lettuce, tomato, banana peppers, olives, and chipotle sauce. It was a party in my mouth! Love all those flavors together!

Just want to add in, I can’t wait for this semester to be over!


Hope everyone enjoyed their Super Bowl extraganzas! I sure did, a little too much…and ended up with a severely sprained ankle which won’t allow me to walk on it. Today it’s feeling slightly better but now I have a huge limp when I walk and it’s just not fun. I was supposed to sub today and I had to speak with the school to see if they could change it because the last thing they would want is me in there with crutches or limpin’ around like a fool!

Anyway, now I’m home for the next two days…maybe even the rest of the week depending on how I feel. Tomorrow I have an interview for a permanent sub position in a district I would love to work in eventually one day! Hopefully I’ll be able to get my heels on my swollen ankle and walk. Cross your fingers for me!

Eats yesterday were all around delicious. I tried to keep it lower on the calorie count since I’ve been eating relatively horribly lately.

I woke up around 9 but I was in so much pain that I couldn’t even think about eating nor could I get up to make anything. Jhon came home on his lunch break and made this delicious meal for me:

WW pasta with sauce and jalapeno chicken sausage! This combo always knocks my socks off. It’s perfect together!!

Snacks included:

Frozen Grapes and a few unpictured low-fat ice cream cones (the small 25 calorie ones!)

Dinner was another salad with the same toppings:

  • Feta
  • Craisins
  • Almonds
  • Carrots
  • Tomatoes
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette dressing

I also had some pre-made Jack Daniels pulled steak for dinner with a LC cheese wedge inside of 5 mini WW TJs pitas.

I’ve never tried the pulled steak before and I have so say I definitely like the pulled chicken much better.

Click here to see the pulled chicken pitas! Those were amazing! These ones were good, but nothing super exciting. I definitely will be buying the pulled chicken from now on!

I’m off to plant myself on the couch for a while to elevate and ice my ankle.