Egg whites & veggies!

Dinner tonight was actually the same as last night. I had 6 hard-boiled egg whites that I ate with veggies- tomato, red pepper, cuke, and baby carrots. I also had a cup of blueberry acai green tea, my fav!

Unfortunately I feel a tickle in my throat and Jhon seems to be battling some type of cold so please everyone cross your fingers and pray that I’m not sick tomorrow for my bachelorette party! I can sleep in tomorrow so hopefully I sleep past 5am and get a huge chunk of consecutive sleep. I’m honestly thinking of keeping a notepad next to my bed just incase I wake up and can’t stop my mind!

Tomorrow I also get to weigh myself anddd try on my bridal gown for my wedding for the first time EVER!! I’m getting a mani/pedi and I have no work until Sunday night. It’s just going to be a fantastic day/weekend! I’m super pumped to wake up!

Speaking of Sunday, I hear we’re supposed to get a crazy HURRICANE. Not sure what the deal is with it right now but last I hear they were saying we need to buckle down and prepare for this crazy storm approaching. I feel terrible for the bride & groom for Sunday night who I’m supposed to bridal attend for. It should be interesting to see what happens. In almost 10 years of working for the catering hall, only 1 wedding was postponed because of a blizzard so who knows what will happen!! I’m off to watch the Yankee encore since I’m cool like that and try and get to sleep soon!


So Stressed OUTTT!

As you can see by the title of this post, I’m very stressed out! I have so much to do for the wedding and it’s getting a little overwhelming, especially since I have to get to the gym as much as I can within the next 10-14 days before my final dress fitting.

Yesterday I had a great day. I went for a 4.12 mile walk outside with Reilly and Jhon. I didn’t have enough time to get to the gym so this worked instead! I felt great after, nice and sweaty. I made a sandwich on a WW sandwich thin with BH blazing buffalo chicken, tomato, and baby spinach, along with baby carrots once I got home. I really like those sandwich thins as a change from WW bread. I will definitely have to buy more of those since it was my last one!

Work went well…we made great tips! I brought my dinner with me so I could eat with the rest of the staff. I had 6 hard-boiled egg whites with a bunch of veggies- cucumber, red pepper, baby carrots, and tomato slices. This dinner always feel so healthy and I actually enjoy eating it!

Today I woke up at 5am and could not go back to sleep. I was tossing and turning and just getting upset with myself because I knew I had a busy day ahead of me! I made it to kickboxing and got a great workout in and then I did a bunch of errands and things I can cross off my to-do list. We finalized our cake, which was a major concern of mine and we decided on alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla cake with raspberry moose filling. The raspberry moose they make is sooo fresh and sweet. I’m so excited for it!!

For lunch today I made a sandwich similar to yesterday except today I used a WW british muffin because I had no bread and no sandwich thins. It was realllyyy good!! I love those british muffins and for their price you can’t beat it!

I’m off to mixer then I have some more errands because tomorrow is my bachelorette party!!! I bought sexy gold glittery heels so I need some gold jewelry to go along with it! I’ll post dinner later!

Bustin’ my butt!

Today I feel like I busted my butt in the gym! I did an hour of kickboxing this morning, followed by a busy afternoon, then an hour long mixer class and a 30 minute walk with the doggies and Jhon! I better lose some pounds this week! I feel much less bloated so I know I will…the question is how many?!

Breakfast was a banana with fiber cereal followed by lunch which was the same the past three days. It’s really delicious and healthy. I accompanied this lunch with some red pepper slices as well! I also used a Weight Watchers parmasean peppercorn cheese wedge instead of laughing cow cheese and it tasted reallyyy good! This specific flavor of WW cheese is sooo good with crackers!

Dinner was simple, something I haven’t had in a while. I made a WW TJs british muffin with 6 egg whites (needed the protein!!) and 3 slices of turkey bacon. I also had some steamed cauliflower, baby carrots, and tomato slices. From all my time in the gym I’m going to be super sore tomorrow. I plan on doing some time on the treadmill and the elliptical! I also have work 5-11 and we’re short waiters so I’m sure it will be super busy!

P.S. Exactly 1 month till my wedding! =]


I’m going to start by saying my weigh-in Sunday went HORRIBLY. I finished Saturday off strong and have been going strong since; however when I weighed myself Sunday all my bad eating, not exercising, and laziness definitely showed. I was up 12 pounds from my lowest! HORRRRRRIBLEE. I know I only gave myself one day before weighing myself after several days of bad eating and it was my time of the month so I’m hoping I can get off at least 8 of those pounds by Friday. We shall see.

Now for some positive talk. I’ve been eating very clean for the most part besides a sandwich and I got some great workouts in so far this week! After weighing myself Sunday I knew I had no choice but to go to the gym. I usually don’t go to the gym Sundays but this one was different. I ended up doing an HOUR on the treadmill. Normally I do 35-45 but I pushed out a whole hour! I felt so great after I left. Meals for Sunday were:

Sunday for lunch I had the same thing as Saturday except we had no more baby spinach and only iceberg. There is 3 ounces of chicken, tomato, iceberg lettuce, and a LC light swiss cheese wedge inside of that WW tortilla with baby carrots, cuke slices, and some extra tomato on the side.

For dinner I brought something new! 6 hard-boiled egg whites with tomato, baby carrots, and cucumber slices on the side. It was actually really good. Hard-boiled egg whites are so much better than cooked ones in the summer! For snacks I brought the same exact snacks as Saturday to work- a blueberry Chobani, a peach, and an apple!

Today I woke up and realized we didn’t have much food- no bananas, no quick/old fashioned oats. I wasn’t sure what to have for breakfast so I ended up with a Blueberry Chobani and 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal. I wasn’t really in the mood for it but I have to say it did hit the spot.

After some grocery shopping, I had this delicious WW sandwich for lunch:

There is 3 ounces of BH blazing buffalo chicken under all that spinach! Also a bunch of carrots! Before shadowboxing tonight I had a hefty, crispy green apple! Boy was it delicious!! I made this salad below once I got home:

It looks kinda boring, and kinda was, but in there was 5.5 ounces of chicken, tomato, cucumber, baby carrots all over a bed of spinach. I squeezed a lime over the salad for some flavor. After eating dinner, I took Reilly out for a 35 minute walk around the neighborhood. My goal is to do some type of workout after dinner each night this week so I can get those 8 pounds off! According to my Garmin I burned an extra 234 calories! woohoo!

I’m off to finish up a sub application and get it all ready to drop off tomorrow! I plan on waking up nice and early (well 8:30) for kickboxing at 9:30 with my sister. I haven’t been to kickboxing since May when my behind started bothering me. We also have mixer tomorrow at 4! Lots of workouts this week! Night all.

The Right Way!

Today is going much better for me diet wise! I’m feeling so much better, more energetic, and happy. Don’t get me wrong I’m super happy when I’m eating whatever I want but I know subconsciously I will be paying for whatever it is that I’m eating! I have a feeling there will be a ton of chicken in my future this week, lots of water, veggies, and fruit and as little salt as possible!

Lunch was quick, simple, and delicious! I made a WW tortilla with a light swiss LC cheese wedge with 3 ounces of chicken, tomato, and baby spinach. On the side I had some baby carrots, cucumber slices, and extra tomatoes.

While prepping this, I also prepped my dinner that I’m bringing to work. Normally I would eat at home and then bring snacks but because I had a late lunch I figured I would just bring it. It will keep me more full if I eat there anyway!

Dinner will be chicken, tomato, cuke, and baby carrots to go. Nice and simple. If I’m super busy tonight I can eat it on the run too!

Above are the snacks I’m bringing along with me! I have an apple, a peach, and a Blueberry Chobani. I feel like it’s so much food to bring to work with me but I’m still low on calories!

Hopefully tonight is a smooth night at work! I’m hoping for a busy night to burn some calories but not a crazy, unorganized night so we shall see! Enjoy your Saturday nights everyone!!

The Wrong Way.

I’ve been horrible. Not counting my calories, eating out, not working out. Some days weren’t so bad. Others were. I have no clue what I weigh now but tomorrow I will find out. I feel huge, soo bloated and gross. I rescheduled  my wedding dress fitting for this Friday the 26th so this week I need to be extra good, work out a TON, eat very healthy, and get back to my weight from August 6th! It’s only my first fitting so I still have some time to get to my goal, which I still plan on getting to! Friday is also my bachelorette party and I bought a fitted hot pink/light pink dress to wear that I’m pumped about! Hopefully it will look good since I’m up some lbs from my lowest =/.

This morning I woke up with horrible cramps, honestly the worst I’ve had in months. I messed around with my birth control pill this month so I wouldn’t get my period on my wedding night and I guess I had to pay the price, which meant I wasn’t going to mixer this morning, which really got me down at first. I decided I can do a strength workout at home instead once I’m feeling up to it since I didn’t have any real plans for the day.  I have a major issue where once I start off the day on the wrong foot, the whole day goes down the pooper- my all or nothing mentality that HAS TO GO!!!! If anyone has any advice on how to get rid of this PLEASE send it my way! I ended up stuck in bed for a few extra hours and when I could finally get up I ate a healthy breakfast and did 35 minutes of arms and abs. Now I feel much better and know today will end good! Only 34 more days until the wedding. I cannot believe it!

I’m off to make lunch and dinner to bring with me to work! I should have time to post before I leave for the night!


I haven’t had chicken all week. The honest thought of it made me gag. I wanted sweets- ice cream, fro-yo, chocolate, candy. Anything NOT healthy! Tonight I finally made chicken and I actually enjoyed it. I had 5 ounces of chicken sliced up inside the tortilla with a LC cheese wedge, tomato, and baby spinach. On the side I had baby carrots, cucumber slices, and some more tomato. It was a good dinner, very filling and healthy. I feel much better than the past dinners I have been eating! Hopefully I don’t ruin my diet tonight at work. I’m still craving sweets so I just munched on a plum! Hopefully that will be good enough! I plan to bring a Chobani to work and probably an apple…maybe something else if I have enough calories! I’m off to work!

Lots of off, little on.

This week has been a rollercoaster of dieting. I ended up having quite a few, four to be exact, bad days, and one good day. It all started when I felt weak and just needed to eat and then I gave in. I’m not going to go on and on about it but I will say I’m feeling crappy and ready to get rid of those few pounds I’m sure I gained. I’ve been dealing with hormonal issues as well, which is why I think this whole rollercoaster started. I’ve learned the hard way, not to mess with birth control but when I’m supposed to get my period on my wedding night, I had no other choice!

Anyways I have some pictures to share from Wednesday, my one good day right in the middle of the week.


I made this WW tortilla with grilled chicken, tomato, and romaine. I also had a laughing cow cheese wedge smeared inside of it. Red pepper and carrots on the side. This is just like the tortilla I make with BH coldcuts but healthier because it’s fresh chicken! One of my new favs!

This was my dinner on Wednesday night. I had 1/2 cup quinoa mixed with 4 egg whites that were hard-boiled, onion, tomato, carrots, zucchini, and red pepper. I also had a peach! I ate this ate work, hence the to-go bowl. As I watched my co-workers eat chicken parm and fettuccine alfredo I wasn’t a huge fan of the blah taste of this because I was so jealous of them even though they were clogging their arteries…but I got it down. Would I make this combo again…probably not.

Here are some other pictures I took this week:

This salad I had Monday night. It was a little filet mignon (x2) over a romaine salad with quite a bit of gorgonzola cheese and a handful of walnuts and tomato. It was delish!! We also had sweet potatoes on the side! DELISH!!

This is one of my all-time FAVORITE things to eat. It’s a Van’s waffle with almond butter and banana slices. I had about 5 of these this week, along with 1/2 jar of almond butter. Some of my waffles had some nutella/blueberries/raspberries/chocolate chips. Bananas are definitely one of my favorite fruits with almond butter…I could eat this allllllll the time. A friend of mine loves to eat almond butter with a spoon out of the jar and I have to say, I felt like her this past week with my now empty jar!

And now to today! I woke up feeling gross. We went to applebees for half-price appetizers last night at 1:15am. Horrible. They have the best appetizers ever though, especially their chicken quesadillas and for $4.50, it’s just so hard to resist! We ate a ton and came home with full bellies and passed out around 3:30. I knew I had to go to mixer since I skipped the gym all week, with an exception of Wednesday I did 40 minutes on the treadmill. It was a rough class. I was exhausted and still super full. I had a peach for breakfast just to give me a small boost. Not sure if I needed it but I always eat before I workout so I didn’t want to feel unfueled. I got through the class and then came home to nap for an hour. I made this delicious bowl of quick oats for lunch since I woke up starving!

I could have a banana because I didn’t have one for breakfast! I’m going to head outside now and get some sun. I have work tonight and tomorrow night and with all the money I’m spending lately I should be working more.

I forgot to mention…I bought a garmin! I tried to use it this morning but I don’t think I had it all set up correctly. I’m going to play around with it and I should be using it a TON this week since I plan on doing a ton of classes and cardio workouts to get off these last 10-12 pounds (should have been only 8 =(…) I will post a picture in one of my upcoming posts! Happy Saturday!

Salmon Salad!

I lost another pound! I know it’s only one but it brings my total to 69 pounds! Gosh that number seems huge, love it! But actually if you add in my 3 pounds I lost earlier in the week, I truly lost 4 pounds this week!

Today I had another hungry day. I woke up starving and was planning on making oats with raspberries but I couldn’t wait so I ended up eating my favorite banana with fiber cereal. The banana was PERFECT so I was happy with my decision! I had a cup of fresh raspberries for snack while I was making dinner. I ended up making it wayy too early so hopefully I stay full tonight at work! We had a family meal tonight- salmon salads! It was sooo good…about 6 ounces over romaine lettuce and baby spinach with tomato, carrots, and red pepper! This salad normally fills me up but today I’m still hungry! What is my deal?!

I’m off to get ready for work. Normally I always bring a Chobani and almonds to work but tonight I may change it up. I need a change from my almonds but NOT my yogurt! hmm, what to bring?!

More grilled chicken!

Posting late tonight! It’s 2am and I’m full of energy. Jhon’s pulling ANOTHER double tomorrow so he’s already in bed! As I thought, I had more grilled chicken for dinner! Eleven ounces of chicken today…quite a bit! I did enjoy it! I had fresh tomatos from the garden, baby carrots, and some cucumber. There was a super sweet plum for my fruit/dessert! YUM!

Work went well! I got a nice tip and we weren’t even that busy! Always a plus of working at the catering hall. As much as I hate going, I don’t mind it when I have nights like this.

Tomorrow is weigh-in day. I’m reallyyy excited but I’m not expecting much because I was down 3 pounds between last Sunday and Tuesday and I didn’t workout much toward the end of the week but we will see! As long as I’m not higher than I was Tuesday I will be happy!