Last November Post!

I can’t believe tomorrow is December! The last month of 2011, the most amazing year of my life!

We didn’t end up getting our tree tonight. Instead we visited my parents for a bit since they haven’t seen Jhon since his birthday and wanted to give him his gift! My mom didn’t get home from work until 6:30 and my dad walked in the door shortly before that.

Everyone does their own thing for dinner there so I ended up making myself a ham sandwich quickly because that’s what I felt like having! It was deeeelicious! I used a WW sandwich flat, BH ham, a Weight Watchers light swiss cheese wedge, cherry tomatoes, and romaine.  I never buy ham for myself but I really do enjoy it. Next time it’s on sale, maybe I’ll get myself some! I also snacked on a few dark chocolate m&m’s and twizzlers.

After dinner it was about time I get myself some froyo! It’s been 11 days, haha, which is a long time for me! I only spent $4.98 today and was perfectly fine with that portion! Go me =]

I finally accepted a subbing position for tomorrow! It’s a half day position from 11:26 to 2:30. I guess it’s a good start since it’s not a full day! I believe it’s special education grades 3 and 4! Wish me luck!

Oh and I don’t know what I was thinking when I took this picture but it’s horrible!


Coconut Chicken Tortilla

I’m so pumped! I finished up my demo lesson this afternoon! I didn’t think I was going to get it done and somehow this awesome idea popped into my head and with a little research I came up with something I’m so proud of! Now I just have to practice it a little, present it, and call it a day!

Lunch was the last of the coconut chicken wrapped in a WW tortilla with a LC light swiss cheese wedge, tomato and spinach. I also had a clemintine on the side.

I didn’t eat lunch until almost 4:30 because I was typin’ away all afternoon and time flew by. I also made Jhon two tortilla pizzas with sautéed spinach and mushrooms, leftover ham and chicken sausage topped with a Mexican blended cheese while I was prepping my lunch. He walked right in the door when they were ready! Perfect timing! I took a slice of one of them and it was phenomenal! He couldn’t stop raving! I would have taken a picture but they didn’t look pretty! I guess sometimes amazing taste takes over presentation!

Three Times a Charm!

Breakfast this morning consisted of the same exact three ingredients as the last two days! I really love this combo and how easy it is! I have one more banana so I’m sure you can guess what tomorrow’s breakfast will entail!

Today Jhon and I may go get our Christmas tree, depending on when he gets home from work. Hopefully it’s not too late so we can go before it gets dark out! I’m super excited to decorate it and play some Christmas music! I’ll be sure to share the final outcome once it’s done!

I have one last final assignment for the semester, which is a mini-demo lesson for next week. I plan on doing something easy since this professor doesn’t really grade too tough. I’m off to come up with some ideas!


Last night I left class absolutely starving! I forgot my wallet at home so I didn’t even have any money to pick something up. I really wanted froyo and Jhon was down to come with me but I realized that I really wanted substance. I ended up using some things in the fridge to make a super quick tuna pasta salad! All I used was a can of tuna, some leftover WW noodles, and a very small dallop of mayo and I was good to go! I enjoyed every single bite and basically licked the bowl clean!

I accompanied this “salad” with a mug full of Turkey Hill Cherry Fudge Ripple ice cream that has no sugar added! I love this flavor and with only 90 calories per serving, you can’t beat that!

Anddd while at class, I found out I’m going to the Giants game this Sunday!! They’re going to lose against the undefeated Packers without a doubt! But it will still be super fun!

Delicious Leftovers!

The afternoon turned out to be better than when I woke up. Good thing because I’m not feelin’ this presentation tonight at all and now it started raining!

Anyhow, I had some delicious chicken to make before class. Leftovers from last night with some sauteed zucchini and a sliced up tomato. While taking out the milk this morning, I spotted this Peach Vanilla Dressing I picked up at Home Goods a while back. I figured I would test it out with my chicken for some extra flavor! Boy did I make a wonderful decision!

I’m off to class now. I can’t wait until 7pm! By then I will definitely be done with my presentation and that class for the semester besides our “party” next week. Who has a party in grad school? I guess we do.

And I’m lovin’ all the Christmas feel in the air! Jhon and I may get our first Christmas tree together tomorrow for our apartment depending on if I get a call to sub! I’m super excited! As of right now all I have are my festive pointsettas , our two awesome stockings (picture to come!), and a few decorations! Definitely need more!

Another bowl of Puffins!

This morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I had a horrible dream that woke me up in the middle of the night and wouldn’t let me back to sleep for an hour. I then decided to go sleep on the couch for a change of scenery and fell back asleep sometime later. All of a sudden Jhon woke me up right as that horrible dream was about to begin again.

I’m not sure why this happened, I guess dreams are uncontrollable. But I do know that I woke up with a belly ache because we went for half price apps and 2 fers last night during halftime since the Giants were depressing us. Not a great idea to eat that late!

All in all, I’m tired, sore, and not in a wonderful mood today. Hopefully that can turn around soon, especially since I have a huge presentation tonight, which is 25% of my final grade.

Clearly, I was not in the mood to cook this morning so I ended up making the same thing as yesterday because I enjoyed it so much! It tasted even better than yesterday and lifted my mood a little! Food tends to do that to me! Check out my fancy star plate! It’s a serving dish and has a silver outlining around the outside! I got it on Black Friday and absolutely love it!

I’m off to practice my presentation! Hopefully my group will pull through with everything since last night we had a bit of confusion!

Coconut Chicken over Salad!

What a busy day! I spent a huge chunk of it finishing up my 10 pager, which ended up being almost 15 pages! Jhon and I also tore the apartment apart before to clean it since we’re having some friends over tonight to watch the Giants/Saints game!

I don’t know how this happened but I cooked a delicious dinner! I’ve been eyeing this recipe from Gina for months now and finally had all the ingredients to make it! I took complete advantage of that and during my cleaning took a break to whip up this quick and easy dinner!

The chicken came out absolutely amazing! I love anything with coconut flavor and this was perfect! Over a romaine salad with a little balsamic vinaigrette and boy was I in heaven! Definitely making this one again!

I’m off to clean up the rest of the dishes, finish up figuring out what I’m going to say for my presentation tomorrow, and relax a few before our friends get here! What a busy Monday in my book!

Puffins & Banana!

This morning for breakfast I made myself a quick bowl of cinnamon Puffins with a sliced up banana. I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about the combo but it was super delicious! Glad I found a new option for a quick breakfast that’s more than just a bowl of cereal!

I really have to get started on this paper. I keep putting it off  and now it’s due tomorrow! It’s not even hard, just about my observations. I just have to take the time and actually do it! I guess that’s where I’m off to now!

Pasta & Chicken Sausage!

What a long but wonderful day! Jhon definitely enjoyed his birthday and all the awesome gifts he got! I took notes during the last two months about things he said he wanted here and there so when it came time for me to buy him gifts I knew exactly what to get and what to tell everyone else to get him! He’s one of those that says “anything” when you ask him what he wants so unless I have a backup, I’m screwed!

We had lunch at 3:00 and were so full for the rest of the day so I wasn’t even sure if I was going to make dinner tonight. I ended up getting hungry around 8:45 so I whipped up this dinner for the two of us. WW pasta covered in marinara sauce that I tossed buffalo chicken sausage into and some leftover chicken and french cut string beans on the side!

This dinner was actually friggin’ delicious. I’m not usually a huge fan of chicken sausage but this time it totally made this dish! I think I like this brand better than the TJs one or maybe because they were covered in sauce. This brand is actually super healthy as well. Only 70 calories per link and all natural! Can’t beat that! I would definitely make this again!

I’m off to cuddle up with my love for the rest of the night! Tomorrow I have to finish up that 10-page paper I keep putting off and finish up my presentation. I plan to go to kickboxing as well!

Jhon’s Birthday Lunch!

Last night was a ton of fun! Although, there was too much alcohol involved. I think my liver needs a break from all the drinkin’ and dancin’ that has been happenin’ in my life lately!

The plan for Jhon’s birthday was to go to this Spanish restaurant in New York City called La Mar. Apparently some awesome chef got hired there and the food is out of this world. It’s mostly fish so I wasn’t thrilled because it’s more exotic fish like octopus with crazy ingredients. I’m sure if you like seafood, you would like this place.

Lucky for me, Jhon woke up with a nasty hangover so he didn’t want to make the hour long trek into the city so we called it a day and went to a diner around here. I was thrilled by this decision because I was craving chicken salad and sweet potato fries, which is exactly what I got! This pressed chicken salad wrap was awesome and the fries, perfect! I only ate about half because I snacked on some bread sticks and ate two pickles and some cole slaw before the meals came around when I was starving!

Happy Birthday hubby!<3