Goodbye 2011!

The best year of my life is coming to an end tonight. It’s sort of sad but I’m ready for the adventures that will come my way in 2012!

I cannot believe this week is already over. Whenever a vacation is involved the week flies by! I have to say I’m pretty excited for tonight! We’re headed into the city to celebrate with all of our friends! It’s going to be a great one! =]

I have a few pictures to quickly share with everyone in my last post before 2012! I’ve been snacking a lot lately so I don’t have too many pictures; however the eating out finally slowed down!

For lunch on Thursday I made myself a WW british muffin with egg whites and turkey bacon. I had some cherry tomatoes and a handful of those ever-so-delicious chocolate covered craisins!

Yesterday’s breakfast was a bowl of cinnamon Puffins with a sliced up banana!

Friday’s lunch was a WW bagel thin with tuna, a smidge of mayo and celery with carrots on the side! I’ve been so into the tuna lately!

Friday’s dinner was 4 cheese raviolis with sliced up spicy chicken sausage and sauce, sauteed green beans, and some waffle fries! I just bought that french fry/appetizer holder and I couldn’t wait to use it!! This meal was awesome!! My favorite part was the raviolis with sausage!! SO delicious!!

This morning for breakfast was cinnamon Puffins with a sliced up banana and some plain craisins! The added craisins added an awesome flavor to the bowl! Definitely enjoyed switching it up a little!

I have one more picture I’d like to share…I found new Chobanis! Not sure if this is new news for anyone but it is for me!

It’s a little hard to see but the flavors are Blood Orange and Passion Fruit! Looking online I also see that there is an apple cinnamon one! I bought the other two and I’m excited to try them! I will definitely post my opinion on them once I get around to opening them!

I’m off to start getting things ready for tonight! Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL New Year’s Eve! Enjoy!


Productive Day!

Today was a very productive day! It started off with a raspberry Chobani and 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal in my tummy! I was determined to have something on the lighter side today since I ate much more than I would have liked last night at Applebees. I also brought an apple with me because Jhon and I had a bunch of things planned and I wasn’t sure how long we were going to be.

I got to finally exchange my filling cabinet that my in-laws gave me for Christmas for a larger one! The lines were crazy long so it took a while. After that I had to go shopping for something to wear for New Year’s Eve since last night was very unsuccessful. My friends and I hit up a bunch of stores at a local outlet center for a couple hours last night and there was NOTHING! We started to lose hope! Luckily today I found a sequiny top to go with a simple black skirt and some gold heels! I’m very excited to wear it Saturday!

Snacks were consumed throughout the day, including a bowl of Total wheat flakes cereal with some skim milk and a few slices of apple.

Dinner ended up being leftovers from Christmas. I had some broccoli bake, chicken parm, a potato bake, delicious meatballs, and some steak with peppers. It was soo good! I planned on eating a little less than what I ate today but what can you do.

There were also some sweets consumed later on in the evening.

After spending a bit at my parent’s house to drop things off and pick things up, I finally got to attack my filing cabinet! It was hardwork going through all my files and organizing everything! It feels sooo good to finally have everything in its respective place!

My office is almost done as well! We have to hang some pictures and a few other finishing touches but besides that it’s fully functional! My wireless printer should FINALLY be working tomorrow, a wonderful house warming gift from my parents when we moved in almost four months ago! Now I love this apartment even more!

I’m off to watch my most favorite movie ever- The Ugly Truth!

Life is good!

Post-Holiday Recap!

Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays! I know that I did! Santa was wonderful to me! I must have been a good girl this year! =)…Lots of time with family and friends was in store for me this past weekend! I can’t believe it’s all over already and New Year’s Eve is right around the corner!

I’m going to recap quickly the past few days! Christmas Eve was spent at Butera’s, our favorite family style Italian restaurant. For the most part we got all of the same dishes and enjoyed them like usual except we tried a new chicken pasta primavera dish that was excellent! I won’t bore you with the same pictures from Butera’s. Instead we’ll skip to Christmas morning…something out of this world:

We call it “breakfast pizza” and that’s basically what it is! A pizza pie covered in close to two dozen eggs, ham, bacon, sausage, american and mozzarella cheese, and potatoes. We opt for it without peppers due to a family food allergy. It’s AMAZING! One slice is all you need because this pizza is super hefty!

Close up of the pizza!

Table spread for Christmas morning- Breakfast pizza, cinnamon buns, mimosas and a fresh fruit salad not pictured!

Sadly, these are the only food pictures I have from Christmas day through this morning. My dad has a bunch on his camera because mine went MIA for basically all of Christmas day.

On Monday, Jhon and I went to the city with two of our friends and had a great time just exploring new areas and seeing the Christmas tree in Rockafeller Center:

It was super cold but we had a great time! We went to a restaurant called Dallas BBQ because the first restaurant we planned on going to had a 4 hour wait! Because their wait was super long, the manager gave us a card to head on over to Dallas BBQ where he said we could cut the line! Once again, the wait was a good 2 hours and we weren’t sure if this guy was lying to us or what. He ended up being truthful and we cut hundreds of people waiting in line! It was so cool! We were seated within 5 minutes!

I ended up getting a bacon cheeseburger because it was exactly what I wanted so I figured what the heck!

The burger was delicious and the fries were good too. We didn’t eat much all day so I almost cleared this plate clean. I also got a relatively small cup of vanilla frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles. It was super fluffy but tasted somewhat funky. I did enjoy it though!

I woke up this morning feeling bloated and blah about myself. I’ve been eating relatively poorly over the last week or so. I have a ton of leftovers all over the apartment and I really wanted to eat some of them so I decided I would enjoy them today and then let Jhon finish them up while I “diet” and debloat a little before New Years during the next three days.

Breakfast was:

My favorite- cinnamon Puffins with a sliced up banana!

Next was lunch. I was craving hot dogs so I went with that craving and ran.

I enjoyed two hot dogs on WW bread with lots of mustard and a nice helping of leftover broccoli bake! Sooooo good!

I also made myself a small tomato salad with some gorgzonola cheese mixture that I bought at the store. It wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be. I added a squirt of balsamic vinaigrette but it was nothing spectacular. Oh well!

Today I spent quite a bit of time organizing my office! It’s finally painted and ready to become organized. I received a filing cabinet for Christmas and I’m so excited to start filing away! I’m very OCD when it comes to organization and I like everything to have a spot. Ever since we moved into the apartment many things didn’t quite have one specific spot. Now that my office is coming together, I can figure everything out! Super exciting for me (pathetic I know!).

Time to organize a little more before I head off to hang with some friends! We have some New Year’s Eve dress shopping to do tonight followed by some drinks and appetizers at Applebees!

Tuna on an English Muffin!

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!!! I cannot believe Christmas is in less than 10 hours! I’m so excited to give everyone their gifts and enjoy my time with family and friends!

Today for breakfast I was bad. I went to Yogurt Crazy and got myself a lovely cup of fro-yo! It was absolutely delicious. I felt somewhat guilty but hey, it’s Christmas Eve!

I ended up making something much healthier for lunch after finishing up all my Christmas shopping and wrapping. I had a light multi-grain English muffin with a can of tuna, a small dallop of mayo, and some celery. I also had an apple on the side! I loveee tuna with a small dallop of mayo! I have to be in the mood for tuna and today I was!

I’m off to finish watching the Giants game with Jhon and my dad!! Then the holiday festivities will begin!! We’re off to Butera’s once again tonight with my family! After that we’re heading to Jhon’s parents house to exchange gifts and celebrate Christmas with his family!

In the morning Jhon and I will be celebrating our first Christmas as a married couple together in our apartment! We’re going to exchange our gifts first then head to my parent’s house to celebrate with my family!

Merry Christmas everyone!!



Last night we had a great time at Butera’s! We ordered a bunch of delicious dishes including a gorgonzola filet mignon dish, a shrimp and almond dish over cappellini, some special ziti dish, and the light linguine, chicken, pea, and carrot dish! Everything was delicious. We also tried a chicken paramasean thin crust pizza that was out of this world! We had the pizza as an appetizer with a gorgonzola and plain mixed greens salad. Everything was awesome, as usual!

This is the gorgonzola and walnut salad with a slice of the chicken parm pizza!!

I had a slice of filet mignon, some linguine with peas, chicken, and carrots, and some ziti! The delicious juices are running right out of the steak! Soo good!

This morning I woke up without a morning subbing position. I had some corn flakes with banana slices for breakfast. While eating I secured a half day PM position because there were very few available. If the teachers didn’t go in to school today, they didn’t get paid for the holidays. Therefore, most ended up heading into school. I was in a special education class with 4th, 5th, and 6th graders and it was just chaos. Definitely had to do with the upcoming holiday but man oh man, it was rough! I’m so glad to be off for a week!

We had a pizza party and then another party later on with sweet treats. The children needed to move around so we ended up having two separate parties. One of the TAs has a girlfriend who makes remarkable cakes and made one for the students with Santa trying to go down a chimney. It was super cute!! I had to have a slice and I snacked quite a bit throughout the day! Check out her website!

Dinner was WW pasta with four spinach meatballs and some sauce. I actually only ate three of the meatballs because I was super full from snacking all day long.

Next week I definitely need to eat a little better. This week has been crazy and I feel bloaty and uncomfortable. I also need to find a new gym to get a membership to. Gold’s gym is offering a free month to any members of my old gym so I will definitely take them up on that. Not sure if I can afford a years membership though!

I’m off to enjoy my holiday weekend! Hope everyone else does the same!!

Getting Boring

Today I worked in a 2nd grade bilingual (English/Spanish) class. I didn’t know this is what they had planned for me because originally I was told that I was doing a general education first grade class. Unfortunately it was a huge class of 26 students. The classes I’ve been working with were around 15-20. Twenty-six seemed ENORMOUS! There was so much more noise from the students and less space in the classroom. It’s crazy how a few more students can make that much of a difference. Overall I really enjoyed the bilingual class. I got to work on my Spanish and the children were so excited that I could actually speak Spanish with them! Some actually just came from other countries and only spoke a few words of English!

Lunch was the same as yesterday. I generally enjoy it but today it was really boring. I’m glad that I brought an apple with me because it was the best part! I think tomorrow I’m definitely going to try to bring something else.

Maybe a salad! I bought this salad topper mix that has blue cheese, some type of nuts, and craisins. I’ve been eyeing it for weeks and finally bought it about a week ago! Can’t wait to try it!

Tonight I’m off to dinner at Butera’s (check out the last time we went!), our favorite Italian restaurant that serves family style! We’re going with my parents and family friends so maybe we will try something new! We definitely will be getting the linguine light chicken dish! MMM I’ll get back to ya later with our choices!

Feelin’ the berry!

This morning I actually opted for a different flavor Chobani even though I had black cherry in my fridge. I was shocked because I always choose black cherry over any other flavor. I ended up with a raspberry Chobani and 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal.

I’m having somewhat of an issue with subbing. Both districts are super busy this time of year and keep calling me and I can’t decide which one to choose! The one that I worked in both days this week pays $8 more, which isn’t alot more but it’s taxes! It’s also much closer so I spend less on gas. I hear that once the new year rolls around that it won’t be as busy, meaning less work days for me, which is why I need both districts. I wake up early every morning around 5 and debate which district to go with. It ended up making me lose sleep! Hopefully I can manage it and split the days up between the two districts! We shall see.


Hump Day!

Wednesday I subbed in a second grade classroom! It was the first time I subbed for the district that I live in! There are actually eight elementary schools in the district so I was super excited when she told me it was the closest one to me! I could literally walk to the school; it’s that close! I had a wonderful day and really enjoyed teaching those students! The only issue was the principal. Everyone hates her and I saw firsthand why!

Breakfast was quick before I left:

I had a Black Cherry Chobani with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal. Everyone knows it’s my favorite!

Lunch was:

I had a WW tortilla with BH blazing buffalo chicken, LC light swiss cheese wedge, spinach, and tomatos. I also had an apple on the side. I actually ended up having lunch with Jhon because he was close to our apartment! It was so nice to see him during the day!

I didn’t take a picture of my dinner because I worked and ate a little of what they made for us. It was some pasta and sausage thing that probably wasn’t the best thing but it was super delicious!

I did have this little snack once I got home because I was starved:

I had a mug full of corn flakes with banana slices. It was so good! I’m trying to finish up a bunch of things we have open at the apartment before the new year! Corn flakes is one of them.

The day ended with five hours of work at the catering hall. We hosted a Christmas party that was super boring but they ended up tipping REALLY well so that was definitely a plus. This whole subbing thing is annoying because you don’t get your paycheck for a good month after actually working. UGH…at least I’m working!

Anniversary Dinner

Phew I’ve been gone for a while! Tuesday night was dinner at a new restaurant called Ciro’s. It’s an Italian restaurant and had delicious food. I opted for a chicken dish called Chicken Bellimo with mozzarella, prosciutto, sun-dried tomatoes, and artichoke hearts. It was really delicious. My only complaint was that it was super salty. My mouth was really dry all night long after eating it. No bueno.

After we left, we headed to the mall because Jhon’s father bought Jhon’s mother an iPad for Christmas! She is going to be super excited!! Ironically, she wanted to buy him an iPad as well. Imagine if they both got eachother an iPad. Too funny.

On our way home, we stopped for some fro-yo. I got a delicious cup with cake batter and cookies and cream yogurt with plenty toppings! I have to say the granola and mochi are my favorite toppings!

Feelin’ the Greens!

Today I headed over to my parents house to do a ton of laundry since I was free. Jhon had work and then he needed to start his Christmas shopping so I had plenty time to myself! We have had five loads to get done and I wanted them done before Christmas! There is one load left in the washer and once I get it dried I’m on my way home!

I picked up some of the last things on my list for Christmas, wrapped a few more gifts and picked up some personal Christmas cards! I can’t believe Christmas is this weekend! I’m very excited to give everyone their gifts though I have to say. I have too many and they’re all over the place so hopefully I can remember to give everyone everything I got them!

Lunch was a salad because I really wanted to add some veggies into my diet! I added a tomato, a sprinkle of parmasean and cheedar cheese, about 3 ounces of BH cracked pepper turkey, and a small squirt of balsamic vinagarette. It was a great salad!

Tonight I’m going out for Jhon’s parents 25th wedding anniversary! Not sure exactly where we’re going but hopefully somewhere that I can get something relatively healthy and delicious!

Oh and on random news. My gym is closing. There has been SOOO much drama with the owner. She is such a BSer and lies to all the members. She has been brainwashing everyone who works at the gym and it’s just absolutely insane. She never has money in the account to pay my sister or mom who work at the gym. I could go on and on for HOURS!! I have no clue where I’m going to be going to the gym starting next week.