One of Those Hungry Days…

Today was one of those hungry days.

Breakfast was my last Chobani, a peach one, 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a cup of wild blueberry green tea!

I was fine all morning…well the kiddos in kindergarten kept me super busy so I had no time to think about food; however once lunch rolled around, I was hungry and wanted to keep eating. I had the same lunch as yesterday…a BH deluxe ham sandwich with tomato and spinach on a WW sandwich thin.

I also had a white peach on the side. This sandwich was even better than yesterday!

Once I left subbing, I ran to my car to start eatin’ my snacks. I ate a crisp Braeburn apple and some cinnamon Puffins. I was still hungry but I managed to pause the snacking while I went to class. Once I got out, I knew some major food consumption was in my future.  I had a leftover slice of mushroom pizza,  some chicken sausage that Jhon cooked earlier, a huge bowl of ice cream and the list continues. I am finally full and even though I ate quite a bit…I’m not overly full. This time of the month needs to happen, NOW and get outta here! I’m usually NEVER this bad!

I’m off to finish up my presentation for tomorrow since it’s going to be a super busy day once again. I already have a subbing assignment booked in an ESL classroom. I’m not really sure what to expect, hopefully nothing crazy! I enjoy ESL  though so I’m bound to enjoy the day! Hopefully Wednesday comes and goes quickly! Hump day is unfortunately my least favorite day of the week this semester. I’ll most likely be back Thursday!



I’m an Art Teacher.

Before we get to Sunday, I just want to share the irony of today. Last week my friend and I were walking into class and she was telling me about her day subbing in art. She’s quite artistic and was stuck doing origami with the students. She was exhausted and said she never wanted to do art again! I laughed and said, “I would NEVER do art!” Guess where I got placed today…

A R T!

Just to clarify…I am the most unartistic person ever! I cannot draw. I cannot mold things. I cannot paint. I’m HORRIBLE at most things art related, especially when I’m thrown into something. I can be creative when it comes to teacher things but with art, it takes me hours to “perfect” it and usually it’s not even perfect. I can draw three things: a heart, a flower, and a stick figure. Art is just not my thing.

I was told I was subbing in kindergarten when I got the call this morning; apparently that meant kindergarten art.

On to the good news…the day went very well. I was a traveling art teacher going between six kindergarten classes. I wasn’t left with any plans so the other art teacher suggested I went with something simple- read a Valentine’s Day story and create valentines! Score, I’m in!

I ended up making 6 valentines, all looking almost exactly the same because that’s how I roll. Someone asked me to draw a rose, no can do. Someone else asked me to draw chocolate, sorry no can do. My excuse was their parents wanted to see their work, not mine! They all fell for it. Ah, kindergarteners.

Onto the food…breakfast was a pomegranate black cherry Chobani. Not sure how, but this Chobani was bad. It tasted super sour and the date actually just passed. I tried to eat it but it just wasn’t gonna happen.

As a result, I grabbed a fresher black cherry Chobani out of the fridge! Of course some TJs cereal and green tea was consumed as well.

Lunch was another switch-up this week! Delicious BH deluxe ham was on sale for $5.99/lb, when it’s usually $10.99/lb! Wonderful! I love this ham! I used to feed it to these three boys I used to babysit and I always snuck one two three pieces. So yummy! I had it with the usual WW sandwich thin, lettuce, and tomato. Instead of carrots, a crisp Braeburn apple served as my side!

Tonight I’m off to Hooter’s with Jhon and some other guys for wings. I debated for hours if I should go or not but they really want me to go so what the heck! Maybe I’ll choose something a little healthier…probably not, their wings are amazing!

Before I leave, I guess I can rewind to yesterday. Work at the catering hall, meant lots of sweets and chocolate consumed. My monthly friend is on her way and I definitely felt that sweet tooth last night. We ended up getting mushroom pizza for dinner (absolutely amazing!!).

I did well for breakfsat though…a pomegranate Chobani with fiber cereal! I also brought some snacks to work.

All in all, not a terrible day…but I’m hoping tomorrow will be even better than today and yesterday was!

Super Salad!

This morning when I woke up I honestly thought I was dreaming. My clock said 1:53…I took a double triple look and unfortunately, it really was 1:53. I hate sleeping away my days. I love that I’m finally on a sleep schedule and I hate messing with it. I guess when I don’t get into my bed before 5am, that’s what happens. Oh well, last night was fun!

Breakfast was super quick because I had a project to get workin’ on.

A bowl of cinnamon Puffins, sliced banana, and fat free milk was devoured. As for my project, I knew it was going take a good 2-3 hours easily and we had plans for some friends to come over around 5, so I quickly got to work.

I finished it up around 5:45 and luckily our friends were running super late so I was able to squeeze a shower in there as well. Dinner was amazing! Even though I haven’t been feelin’ the greens lately, I enjoyed this salad more than ever!

It was huge with tons of ingredients! In the mix:

  • Romaine lettuce
  • Grapes
  • Mandarin Oranges
  • Cheddar Cheese
  • Chicken
  • Turkey bacon
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette

Amazing! I would make this salad again in a heartbeat! I also used a bunch of extra things in the fridge, which made me a happy camper!

I’m off to hang with some friends!

Happy Friday!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday! My day started off the same as normal with a Raspberry Chobani and 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal.

I also had my daily dose of green tea with wild blueberry and acai! Last night I finally was able to secure a subbing position and even though I hate waking up early, I think I secretly enjoy it knowing I’m being productive with my day and working!

I packed a roast beef, spinach, and tomato sandwich for lunch with a LC light swiss cheese wedge. Instead of carrots, I mixed it up today and had some sugar snap peas!

The school I worked at didn’t have a fridge, well they did but it was broken!! So I carried the damn thing around with me all day! Working today was slightly different because I was technically called a “floater”, which meant I traveled between rooms throughout the day so teachers could attend their meetings. I was in 10 different classrooms today. It made the day fly by!

I had this healthy snack once I got home:

A banana with a heaping 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal! After that Jhon and I hung out for a while, enjoying our Friday afternoon freedom! We are off from the catering hall until Sunday morning around 11. We have a day shift this weekend!

Dinner was, well just awesome!

It included a bunch of different things, my favorite being the mini TJs WW pitas stuffed with pulled Jack Daniels chicken and LC light swiss cheese! WOW, they were just awesome! The pulled chicken is from Costco and it comes pre-made. All you have to do is heat the package in boiling water for about 20 minutes and end up with the most tasty pulled chicken EVER! It’s so quick and easy and I’m just in love! Not too high on the calorie count either!

I also had a baked sweet potato that was out-of-this-world sweet, roasted zucchini and roasted broccoli, which were just okay. Once again not really feelin’ the veggies but I ate them anyway! I used a ton of veggies for this meal which made me happy, especially since Jhon was eating with me and I had to cook for two!

If you’re wondering what that other slice is…it’s a purple yam. I heard from my boss they were amazingly sweet but I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. My normal sweet potato tasted like candy!

Time to relax for a bit then start getting ready! We are heading out tonight with unknown plans. Hopefully something exciting will happen! Either way it’ll be nice to get out and hang with our friends! Enjoy your Friday nights all!


Bringin’ the Veggies Back!

For dinner tonight I knew what I didn’t want…veggies! I’m totally not feelin’ them lately. Not sure why but I’m finding it much harder to enjoy them. Unfortunately my fridge is pretty bare, except for veggies! They’re starting to look not so fresh, so I made sure to incorporate some into my dinner!

I made a BLT with turkey bacon, lettuce, and tomato on a WW sandwich thin with a LC light swiss cheese wedge. It was amazing! I used 4 slices of turkey bacon today just because I felt like it!

On the side I sautéed broccoli with sugar snap peas. Normally I love sugar snap peas but tonight the membrane thingy on top really annoyed me! I think I may like them raw better than slightly cooked. Oh well! At least I got some veggies into my dinner!

Too busy for my own good!

Five days later and I’m finally back! I’ve been taking quite a few pictures lately to share but just haven’t been able to get onto the computer to actually share them! I haven’t eaten many things out of the ordinary but a few things I changed up a little! This happened twice this week because I only subbed Monday and Tuesday!

Monday’s breakfast. I was out of green tea. Super =(. Water had to do instead!


Tuesday’s deliciousness. I bought some new green tea- wild blueberry and acai. Amazing!

Wednesday and Thursday I changed it up a little and switched out the greek yogurt for a banana!

Wednesday’s breakfast! I love this combination but I’m always worried it won’t keep me full enough when I have to work. I took Wednesday off because I had a 40 minute presentation I wanted to make sure I was 100% prepared for!

Today’s breakfast was the same because once again I didn’t sub. Today was the first day in a couple weeks that I actually wanted to sub but I couldn’t get my hands on a position. Oh well! Let’s hope tomorrow turns out better than today!

Rewind to the weekend. I had this tuna sandwich on a light English muffin at my parent’s house on Saturday before hangin’ out with my mom!

I used a full can of tuna with a small dab of mayo and some celery sliced up. I also added a slice of fat free cheddar cheese that has only 25 calories! Score!…That pickle I thought was nice and crispy..turns out not so much! I have to say, the sandwich was awesome though!

Saturday night was work at the catering hall where I consumed wayyy too many sweets and empty calories. Sunday wasn’t much better because we were snacking all day watching the Giants game!!

My mom made an awesome pot of chilli in the crockpot!

I had a hefty serving over brown rice. It was perfect!

Monday night I had some drama with my bank which had me super stressed out so Jhon ended up taking me out for dinner for something relatively healthy.

We had a hard time deciding what to get so we went in two directions. We ended up splitting a Subway sandwich that had grilled chicken strips with cheddar/Monterey cheese, lettuce, tomato, olives, banana peppers, and a chipotle sauce! It was amazing! We also split a burrito from Chipotle Mexican restaurant. I left feeling super content once we left!

Tuesday night and Wednesday night I had class so KIND granola bars were consumed which are absolutely amazing!!! If you have not tried them before, please do! You will not regret it! This bad boy is my favorite flavor so far:


They are truly awesome bars, very filling, taste amazing with texture, and are great for you!

Wednesday afternoon, Jhon and I headed to the local YMCA because we heard that employees of our catering hall could receive a free years membership and we were right! We ended up scoring a free membership until next January! How awesome is that! The owner of our company donated a large amount of money to help build the brand new Y and now I’m very thankful! I can’t wait to get to into that gym and try out some new classes! My old kickboxing instructor is teaching there as well!

Wednesday I had this bagelwich before leaving for class:

For once, I stepped out of my box and bought roast beef from the deli counter! It was amazing with some fresh spinach and tomato slices on a protein bagel that I purchased from a local diet shop my sister has been working at for the past few months! They have over 20g of protein and tons of fiber! They taste great with only 140 calories! I also had some fresh blueberries for my fruit kick!

Today I had another tuna sandwich for lunch:


It was made exactly the same way, except without the nasty pickle!

I had this once again at my parent’s house because I stopped by to see the pups when I was in the area! I really miss seeing them everyday. However, I was off from subbing which was perfect because last night I found out a school district around my area is looking to hire three permanent subs!! I immediately snazzied up my resume last night and was able to hand deliver it today! Hopefully I get a call for an interview! Usually the schools around here choose subs that are already subbing in the district, which I am not, but hopefully my resume will outshine the other applicants! We shall see!

Oh and I forgot…yesterday I treated myself to a little froyo! I went light on the toppings for hopes that it wouldn’t fill me! I haven’t been counting my calories at all this week but mindfull eating was at it’s best! I think I did a wonderful job! =]

Peach melba, cake batter, and german chocolate cake frozen yogurt were topped with mochi, sprinkles, some graham cracker dust, yogurt chips, and chocolate chips! This cup only cost me $1.89 because I had a previously purchased groupon for $5! Score!


I think that sums up my week pretty well!…I’m off to cook myself some dinner, not sure what yet, and do hw assignment number two for the night! I’ll be sure to share my dinner later!


First Snow!

I awoke this morning to the first actual snowfall of the winter…ironically one month after winter started! It was so pretty outside and now I remember why I love when it snows!

Also on my mind was a presentation I have to get started on for this Wednesday. One week into classes and I’m already busy! I’m okay with it though because I won’t have to do it later in the semester! I actually prepared the entire presentation this morning, which took me a little over three hours. I’m working with a partner so she has to do her share still but I did the main part. It felt good to wake up and be productive!

Before I share today’s eats, let me back track a little to yesterday.


Raspberry Chobani with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a half drank cup of lemon green tea. I finished out the week subbing in a first grade class that was pretty good but I have to say they were cry babies!! Five of them cried during the time I was there and some of them more than once!! I’m starting to like second grade better!

Lunch was my usual sandwich, a WW sandwich thin with 3 ounces of BH chicken, tomato, lettuce, and carrots. When I got home I snacked on some almonds and an apple.

We didn’t want to diet for dinner last night so Jhon and I ended up at a diner for dinner where I had this delicious wrap:

A chicken salad wrap on a WW tortilla with regular french fries. We tried out a new diner and I took for granted that most diners have sweet potato fries. Of course this one didn’t but I did enjoy the wrap and fries anyway!

I know I went over my calories yesterday for sure. Oh well! I guess I didn’t do tooo bad. I find it much easier to diet during the week than the weekend. Fridays are meant to be enjoyed with good food, drinks, and relaxation with friends and family. That’s just how it is in my mind lately!

As for today, I woke up relatively early on my own for a Saturday, 9am! I got started right away on the presentation and then took  a small breakfast to have a banana for breakfast.

It’s a little more ripe than I would have liked but hey, ya gotta eat what ya have right? I also had 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and some blackberry black tea, which was my last tea bag! Definitely need to get some more soon!

Lunch was different for once! I have a huge container of leftover steamed veggies from Monday and I wanted to use them up before they went bad. I ended up making a relatively interesting concoction.

On the bottom is a huge layer of leftover veggies topped with WW rigatoni and sauce with chicken sausage and leftover chicken! I did enjoy it but next time I’m just going to have the veggies on the side. While I was eating I realized that I was trying to eat all the veggies first so that I could enjoy the pasta and protein with sauce after. Simple solution, separate them!

I was stuffed after that. It was probably more than I should have eaten! I have work at the catering hall tonight and I’m sure I won’t be hungry until around the time that we leave. We’re heading over to my parents house a little earlier because the sleet is causing the roads to become super slippery and I want to drive in the light. I plan to bring some snacks to work and take it from there!

Can’t wait for the Giants game tomorrow!! I actually switched shifts so I could watch the game!

P.S. I added the picture of the veggies to my previous post!


Holy Busy Bee!

Man, life is busy. It’s like one thing after another. Between subbing everyday (actually not complaining about this!), another semester of graduate courses beginning this week, and fighting an oncoming sickness…I didn’t have one minute to myself. I managed to get in lots of healthy meals and I think that helped me ward off this sickness for now!

I actually have a ton of pictures so I’ll share them with you to show how on-par my eating has been for the most part! I did have a few meals that were over my calorie limit but overall I’ve been doing wonderful, especially this week!

Saturday’s breakfast- Cinnamon Puffins with sliced banana and fat free milk.

Saturday’s lunch/dinner before working at the catering hall- WW tortilla with leftover salmon, a LC light swiss cheese wedge, romaine lettuce and sliced carrots on the side.

Because lots of subbing happened this week…lots of this breakfast happened this week:

Raspberry Chobani with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a clemintine!…Oh and check out my new place mats my sister bought me for Valentine’s Day! I absolutely loveeee them!!

Basically the same thing, except black cherry Chobani, fiber cereal and a hot cup of lemon green tea! I’m totally lovin’ the green tea every morning to warm me up before I head on out into the cold!

Same thing!…Wednesday morning!

…and once more this morning!

Chobani’s are my staple for breakfast. They’re amazing because they’re super quick, keep me full for hours and taste better than most other yogurts! Sometimes I don’t have lunch until 1:15 in the afternoon and after eating my Chobani around 7:30, I’m usually still full until then! Thumbs up Chobani greek yogurt!

Lunches were exactly the same each day this week…

I won’t bore you with a bunch of pictures of the same thing here. I used a WW sandwich flat or WW bagel thin to make a sandwich with 3 ounces of BH blazing buffalo chicken, baby spinach, tomato and carrot chips on the side!

This past Monday, I actually spent over an hour in the kitchen cutting up veggies to steam a huge pot for the week since time is of essence and rare to come by. I also made carrot chips with this nifty gadget I bought that cuts them with ridges!

I don’t have any pictures of my two dinners from Tuesday or Wednesday because before I knew it Tuesday was here and all my food was packed away and then eaten. I was out of the house for about fifteen hours both days so the last thing on my mind was food photography. Sorry!

I do however have a picture of the veggies that went along with my chicken for dinner both Tuesday and Wednesday that I took with my iPhone quickly.

As for today, I made something new and exciting for dinner but before we get to that, I had a warm bowl of quick oats with a fresh cup of blueberries for a snack once I got home from school.

For dinner, I wasn’t sure what I wanted but I knew I didn’t want actual veggies. After two days of super boring dinners, all I truly wanted to do was get some Chinese food, pizza, or make something like a huge bowl of WW pasta with meatballs. I ended up choosing something healthier.

Sweet potato fries cooked to perfection!! I know they look a tad burnt but they were honestly the best homemade sweet potato fries ever. Jhon sliced them up to the size similar to steak fries and they were perfect! They had so much taste and all we put on them was some olive oil from our mist-o and ground black pepper!

I also had a WW British muffin with almond butter and a sliced banana.

A closer look of deliciousness! This combo is fantastic! The flavors are meant for eachother, I honestly believe it! As for calories, today I went over 1,200 for sure. I’m not sure exactly where I was at but I’m happy that I chose healthy, delicious foods instead of the ones I had my mind thinking about. I’m thinking that I’m around 1,550 calories. I also took a few bites of a pulled chicken sandwich that  Jhon made for his dinner, luckily a healthy version for his diet…but I’m not 100% sure where my calories fell. All in all, I’m feelin’ great!

One last comment…Today I decided to create goal rewards along the way of dieting because I’m finding it much harder without having my wedding in the future to diet for. So for each 10 pounds lost for me and 15 for him, Jhon and I will treat eachother to something of our choice…a massage, a mani/pedi, a new outfit for me..and whatever he chooses. We put a monetary limit on the reward and I think it will honestly help out! I guess we’ll find out soon!

I’m off to relax then hit the hay! Tomorrow is Friday…TGIF!!

BLT with cheese!

Happy Friday blog world! I was so glad to wake up this morning knowing I could do anything I wanted once 3:00pm rolled around.

Breakfast was the usual work breakfast:

A raspberry Chobani with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal and a cup of lemon green tea. Love it!

I subbed in a second grade classroom today and compared to yesterday they were quite a handful. I had to put them in their place a couple times and they weren’t too thrilled about that but I guess that’s part of the job.

Lunch was super late which I was not happy about because breakfast was even earlier than normal by 45 minutes. I hope my metabolism didn’t slow down since there was a 5.5 hour gap between meals. =/ I had the same lunch as yesterday and was running a little late so no picture was snapped.

Once I got home from subbing I made this delicious snack:

One half cup of quick oats with 1 cup fresh blueberries was consumed. I went cinnamon crazy with the oats because I opened the wrong side of the dispenser. Whoops! Another cup of lemon green tea to warm me up since this weather is crazy! 55 degrees when I wake up at 6:45am and 30 degrees at 2:55pm when I leave subbing… really weather?

Jhon and I hung around the apartment for a good three hours and it felt awesome! I wanted to snack all afternoon and unfortunately I gave into snacking a little bit. I normally don’t so I was shocked that I did today. I had a few pita chips, red grapes, and an ice cream cone. It wasn’t too bad but still not perfect and I’m all about perfection. I am very proud that I didn’t go all out and eat everything! Definitely a step in the right direction!!

Dinner was a delicious BLT with a light swiss LC cheese wedge…sooooo good!

This BLT was honestly amazing. I always forget how good these sandwiches are and when I finally make one it all comes running back to me! I had it along with some carrot slices and extra tomato!

This was Jhon’s first BLT ever and he really enjoyed it as well! I’m thinking about possibly making a list of meals/snacks we love because there are so many things I forget that I can make! Maybe I’ll do that later since Jhon is out with the boys and I’m hangin’ in for the night! It’s his last night with his best friend before he leaves for the Marines…an emotional night for sure.

Enjoy your weekend!

Salmon Salad!

I didn’t have any work scheduled for today so I was open to whatever calls came my way. When my phone rang at 5:40, I was pleasantly surprised in hearing that a position was open at the elementary school literally one minute from my house! This meant I could sleep later and come home for lunch! Luckily, Jhon was able to meet me home for lunch so it was just perfect!

This delicious sandwich was consumed…same as yesterday- 3 ounces of BH chicken on a WW sandwich flat with tomato and romaine lettuce and carrots on the side. Delish!

I subbed in a second grade classroom today and it was a relatively easy day. The class was wonderful and honestly a joy to work with. The teacher’s plans, on the other hand, were not exactly easy to understand. She used a ton of abbreviations and I was totally confused when I first saw them. Luckily, I get to the classrooms 15 minutes early so I can prepare/try to figure out anything that is not understandable. The day ended up very well!

When I came home I had this snack:

It was very similar to one of my favorite breakfasts- a banana with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal! We bought a ton of bananas and I want to eat them before they go bad. Now that Jhon and I are both counting our calories, we have to portion everything out, leaving much more food then before.

Dinner was a salmon salad made with romaine lettuce and tomatoes.

It was fantastic! We used the same seasoning as in the past, McCormick’s salmon seasoning and freshly squeezed lemon. This was the first time we made fish in the apartment AND the first time I have ever baked fish in my life! It came out almost the same as on the grill…very similar taste and just absolutely delicious! I had a nice 6 ounce portion over my salad and licked my plate clean!

Sleep recap- another wonderful night of sleep happened last night! I went to sleep a little later than I wanted to only because I was busy doing things, but I passed out and didn’t wake up until my phone rang this morning!

Day four of diet = COMPLETE!