Jhon’s Birthday Lunch!

Last night was a ton of fun! Although, there was too much alcohol involved. I think my liver needs a break from all the drinkin’ and dancin’ that has been happenin’ in my life lately!

The plan for Jhon’s birthday was to go to this Spanish restaurant in New York City called La Mar. Apparently some awesome chef got hired there and the food is out of this world. It’s mostly fish so I wasn’t thrilled because it’s more exotic fish like octopus with crazy ingredients. I’m sure if you like seafood, you would like this place.

Lucky for me, Jhon woke up with a nasty hangover so he didn’t want to make the hour long trek into the city so we called it a day and went to a diner around here. I was thrilled by this decision because I was craving chicken salad and sweet potato fries, which is exactly what I got! This pressed chicken salad wrap was awesome and the fries, perfect! I only ate about half because I snacked on some bread sticks and ate two pickles and some cole slaw before the meals came around when I was starving!

Happy Birthday hubby!<3


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