Chobani & Cinnamon Puffins!

This morning I had a blueberry Chobani with some cinnamon Puffins! This cereal is awesome. It’s low in calories and tastes so good!! Everyone should check it out! They sell it at Trader Joe’s relatively cheap! I had another small bowl of cereal with milk once I finished up the yogurt, as well as a slice of turkey bacon that Jhon made for me with his breakfast. This should keep me full for quite some time! We were planning on cooking something new and exciting for dinner but I think I may resort back to one of my old favorites! We shall see! Check out my fancy beaded placemats that my sister gave me! Lovee them! =]


Chobani & Fiber Cereal!

On this lovely Monday morning I’m having a blueberry Chobani with a nice heaping serving of TJs fiber cereal, along with an asian pear! It’s actually after 1pm and I’m just having breakfast because I woke up around 11:45 to a phone call from a principal for an interview for tomorrow!! One of my friends totally hooked me up on this one! It’s only for a substitute teacher position but hey better than nothing! I also can finally begin subbing at one district by my house starting this Friday! I had to wait almost three weeks after my interview before I could begin so all the paperwork can process! I’m really excited to finally get working again besides the catering hall, which is slowing down like crazy! Good for me because I get my weekends back but bad because I need moneyyy!!! All of the expenses from re-doing the apartment are totally adding up and after not working the month before/after the wedding, I need to get my booty back to work! I’m off to do a few assignments for my grad school courses! Check back for my awesome dinner later!


So I’ve been totally slacking on the posting, sorry! I haven’t been eating meals per say so there weren’t many pictures to take…rather just snacks throughout the day. We finally have a fully functional apartment so this week we are going to be making some delicious meals! I have to say I’ve been doing very well maintaining my weight. I haven’t weighed myself since the wedding, which was a month ago today (CANNOT BELIEVE IT!) but I feel as though I’m finally making positive progress. Like I said in the past, I’m good at gaining or losing weight but maintaining is a huge issue with me. When I’m bored I like to eat and that’s where I run into problems. Lately I’ve been trying to only eat when I’m hungry and I’ve been successful the majority of the time!

We received a quesadilla maker as one of our bridal shower gifts, which I was super excited about! I have an obsession with quesadillas and you can totally make them healthy! The one below is the first thing we “cooked” in our apartment together. We used high fiber, 45-calorie WW tortillas from TJs with grilled chicken and pepperjack cheese. The cheese was full fat but I balanced it out with my other eats for that day!

I’d love to try and make some healthy quesadillas with veggies, maybe some LC cheese. I have a ton of ideas so they will definitely be put to use soon! Love that maker!

I also have a picture of a messy oatmeal bowl that I made. I used old fashioned oats in a bowl that I thought would be big enough but clearly it wasn’t. It made a huge mess in our BRAND NEW microwave but it tasted delicious! I also had a diced peach with it!

Today I planned on cooking us a nice healthy recipe from one of my Weight Watcher’s cookbooks but we woke up with a message from my mother-in-law (AHH so weird to say!) asking us to go out to lunch with my husband’s (also weird to say!) grandfather who is here from Peru. He’s been here for over 2 months for the wedding and I think I saw him twice, so sadddd! So we figured we would take her up on that. We ended up at the chinese buffet, which Jhon’s family loves, but I wasn’t a huge fan. I always leave wayyy too full and bloated. I tried to eat less than normal and I think I did a decent job.

I haven’t eaten anything else all day and it’s now after 7pm. We have a photo shoot with Jhon’s entire extended family tonight so I plan on eating a small snack after if I’m hungry! Tomorrow I will try and make that delicious dish from the WW cookbook and post some pictures! It’s a real winner! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

I’m a married woman!!

Gosh it’s all in the past now. The planning, the rehersal dinner, the wedding, the honeymoon…all of it. It was AMAZING, PERFECT, AND WONDERFUL! I enjoyed every moment of it! I couldn’t have asked for anything better (besides the rain)!  I’m going to post a few of the hundreds, probably thousands of pictures taken by some of our friends and family!

This picture was taken during our first dance!

Myself with the wonderful ladies in my bridal party!

Our entire bridal party!

My beautiful sister (maid of honor) & I! I absolutely love this picture!

Cake cutting!

Packeddd dance floor! We danced basically ALL night long! So much fun!!


Like I said those are only a few of the pictures that were taken! Every time I look at them I miss the most wonderful day of my life! Definitely a day I will never, ever forget! Love you Jhon<3

As for my diet, I officially lost 72 pounds for my wedding day! I was pumped with this number and sooo proud of myself! I’ve been trying to get this weight off for about 4-5 years now and haven’t been successful until now. It feels amazing!

Even though I’ve lost quite a bit while on my honeymoon I realized I’m not 100% comfortable in a bathing suit. I’m setting a new goal for myself that I want to achieve by my birthday (June 3rd). I have plentyyy of time. Once I get to this goal, I will have lost 97 pounds! I think at that point I will be comfortable with my body in all aspects. I don’t want to necessarily be skinny but fit and comfortable. I don’t mind having body but I just have a little too much in some places still.

I’m also definitely up some pounds too since the wedding day. We enjoyed ourselves on our honeymoon which I expected to do so now I just have to get those pounds off. Our kitchen also isn’t fully complete so I can’t exactly cook! I figure a week of dieting will get me back down to my wedding weight which I probably will try and maintain until the new year. This is my plan right now. I tend to have a hard time maintaining. Like I said in the past, I know how to lose and gain, not maintain. This is definitely something that I have to work on.

I’m going to keep taking pictures of my food and blogging when I can! I’m going to try to post daily! See ya soon!