I’m not totally sure what I was thinking yesterday but I needed to start cooking at 3:30, not 4! So, I ended up having to have a sandwich for dinner because I was sooo short on time! Same as always and it actually kept me full throughout my shift. Of course my mind was on food and all the snacks I brought but truly I was full! I brought a peach Chobani and 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal to work, along with a plum, an apple, and 20 raw almonds! I ended up at 1185 calorie wise!

Work last night wasn’t too bad. It went by relatively quickly but at the end of the night we had a ton of clean up/turn over to do. It took us more than our allotted hour so we didn’t get out until much later than anticipated. Tonight will be the same thing because we have to redo what we did last night. Oh well, gotta hope for the best!

Today was been a rainy, muggy day on Long Island. I finally mailed my friend’s bridal shower gift that I’ve had for weeks! For some reason I kept putting it off, along with a bunch of phone calls. Even though I’m not working during the week and have a ton of time, I seem to get nothing done, well not as much as I would like. When I’m working like crazy I always get more done. I don’t know what my deal is! Anyway the only picture I have to share so far today is a BH chicken wrap. I used a LC queso fresco and chipotle cheese for the first time which was pretty good! All the LC cheese kinda taste the same to me when there are other flavors going on but of course I enjoyed it!

Tonight work isn’t until 6:30 so dinner can be at 5:30. I’m thinking grilled chicken or egg whites! Let’s see which one happens!


Nasty food.

I don’t mind dieting most of the time. I enjoy the foods I eat and that’s why I eat the same things often. Sometimes I make something different to try and hate it and that’s when I hate dieting and/or changing up what I eat. Yesterday I decided to try and make a veggie scramble but it didn’t go exactly as I had planned. I sauteed some veggies in a pan and then poured my egg whites over them. I also planned on adding a LC light swiss cheese wedge for some added flavor. I literally had to gag this meal down. I don’t know what my deal is but I could not enjoy it for the life of me. I will not make this meal down. The only good part about it was that it kept me full for hours and had very little calories! I ENJOYED a plum on the side- best part of the meal!

For lunch earlier I made myself a sandwich with 2 slices of WW bread, 3 ounces of BH chicken, tomato, and lettuce, along with some baby carrots. This was a good lunch! See even though I eat it all the time, I enjoy it!

Tuesday night we finalized our menu! It was very exciting and made everything more real! Also, my wedding dress came in!! It’s at the bridal salon and I have an appointment on my dad’s birthday, August 17th, to go for my first fitting. I figured I would wait a few more weeks so I can get a few more pounds off, well hopefully 10!

As for today, I had my banana and fiber cereal for breakfast and for a snack I had two small peaches! I plan on having egg whites and turkey bacon for dinner around 4pm because I will be working 4:30-12:30 tonight so that is my plan! I’m off to check the mail for some RSVP cards! Only two more weeks till they should all be back!

Lunch & Dinner!

Lunch was the same as yesterday. I had a WW tortilla with a LC cheese wedge and 3 ounces of BH chicken along with some tomato, romaine and baby carrots. I love how the cheese melts after I toast the tortilla…sooo good!! Tastes kinda decadent. YUM! I also had a cup of mixed berry green tea! Gotta rid all the those horrible foods I ate last week!

As I said in my last post, dinner tonight will be on the go! I prepped it already so I’m all ready to share it even though it’s only 3:15 in the afternoon! I’m having 5 ounces of grilled chicken, tomato and cucumber slices and more baby carrots.

I hope my sweet tooth doesn’t kick in after…maybe I’ll bring a plum with me! Alright, I’m off to my mixer/iron yoga class combo even though I’m feeling kinda lazy. Hopefully I get a burst of energy once I start working out!

Peaches & Oats!

Today for breakfast I made some quick oats with a sliced up white peach. I really wanted my usual banana and fiber cereal but the bananas were either wayyyy too ripe or needed one more day to ripen so I figured I would wait it out and have something else I could really enjoy! The oats and peaches ended up being perfect!

As for today I was supposed to go around and get some sub applications for subbing in the fall but all the schools either didn’t answer or told me to come in august. So I ended up doing nothing so far today which really isn’t good since I have a ton of things I need to do!

I decided I’m taking a combo of a mixer class and iron yoga at 4pm and then I’m gonna head on over to the other gym and take zumba with my friend. Dinner will be on-the-go because tonight Jhon and I are off to finalize our menu for the wedding right after zumba!!

Hmmm…I weighed myself this morning and I’m up about 4.8 pounds so I need to get those off this week! Since I can’t really run/walk much because of my hamstring besides work I figured I would try to do as many classes as I can without overdoing it! Tomorrow morning is mixer as well and then I’m working Wednesday night until Sunday night!

Juicy Grilled Chicken!

Mixer went really well tonight. It wasn’t the hardest class but sadly it was the last class at 6pm on Monday nights. A new schedule starts next week and I’m very upset because they changed the times for mixer. Now it’s Tuesday and Thursday at 4pm, Wednesday at 7am (instead of 9:30) and I think there are a few more. I hope those times work with my schedule in the fall because I really will miss mixer if I can’t make it! Now that my friend joined we are going to finally try some new classes so hopefully I find some other classes that I enjoy and give me that burn like mixer!

Once I got home, I made dinner which consisted of 5 ounces of fresh, juicy grilled chicken, tomato slices, cucumber, and baby carrots. I wasn’t in the mood to steam or stirfry any veggies so that’s what I ended up with! I also had extra calories left over that I used on a super sweet peach and a sourish sweet plum. Both hit the spot! I’m so happy to be back in my healthy lifestyle routine!

Back in Action!

I’m finally back in action! I took an entire week off of dieting and kind of regret it but kind of don’t. I ate a ton of things I shouldn’t have and can see my cellulite coming back on my thighs =(…very sad. I still have that all or nothing mentality even after losing 60+ pounds. This is something that I’m going to have to work on for a long time to come. Hopefully when I start doing my own grocery shopping in a little over a month I will be able to plan meals better and know exactly what I have at all times. We shall see!!

I had fro-yo each day that I was off my diet. I really thought I was addicted! Here is one of the delicious cups I had!

I’m going to miss fro-yo now that I’m back on my diet. I know everyone says I can have  just a little, but honestly it’s much easier for me to not eat my trigger foods and keep chuggin’ along on my diet and just finish it than to have just a little. There’s only 59 more days until the big day!! After it, I can enjoy fro-yo every once and a while with my new maintaining lifestyle I’m going to learn to have!

Yesterday I got back on track and felt so much better when I woke up today. I really wanted to weigh myself this morning to see where I’m at but I figured I would give it another day to debloat a little so tomorrow the scale will tell! I didn’t have breakfast until 1pm yesterday because I waited until I was truly hungry. I went out to get pizza after work at 2am, horrible I KNOW, but I had to get a slice (or two) before I was back on my diet for the long haul. Anyway with that behind me, I made myself a chicken stirfry for dinner:

While it was cooking it smelt reallyyy good. However, it didn’t taste as good as I hoped. It was rather plain and boring but I ate it and semi enjoyed it! It had broccoli, onions, green beans and chicken! I worked from 5pm-12:30am and brought a black cherry Chobani, an apple, and 16 raw almonds with me! I was under my calories but felt totally okay with it because of the high calories I ate all week!

Today I woke up and had a banana with fiber cereal. The banana was too ripe so I didn’t enjoy it. Lunch I made a delicious wrap:

I used a WW tortilla that I toasted and smeared a LC light swiss cheese wedge on with 3 ounces of BH chicken, some tomato, lettuce, and of course some baby carrots. Delish! Tonight I’m off to mixer with a friend of mine who just recently joined the gym. I pulled/ripped/tore, not really sure what I did but I hurt my hamstring so I hope that the class goes well and I’m pain free. I really wanted to start getting in alot of cardio because the wedding is getting so close and I wanted to get down about 17.5 more pounds. Plus my wedding dress should be coming in very soon and I want to be as close to my goal weight as possible! Hoepfully the hamstring heals soon!


Lovin’ Life!

Once again I’ve been MIA for a bit. I had a busy weekend filled with work and friends. I ended up having a cheat day Sunday because I was going crazy! I don’t know how I got through Saturday knowing in my mind that on Sunday I would be able to eat whatever I wanted! My body needed to be recharged with some sweets and delicious food. I’m not fully back on track but I’m not going overboard either. Check out this delicious quick oats bowl I just made!

It had 1/2 cup oats with 15 chocolate chips & cinnamon mixed in, blueberries, peach, plum, cherries, and toasted coconut on top! SOOOO GOOD!

Rewind to Sunday, my weigh-in! I lost 1.4 pounds which isn’t a lot but it’s closer to my goal! I’m excited as to how close I am!! I decided my final goal weight for the wedding and as of Sunday I was 13.4 pounds away. I don’t think I will have a problem reaching it, but hey ya never know! I will need to get back on the wagon for the next two months!

I have a new obsession. All over the blog world I have been seeing everyone going to the self serve fro-yo places and getting delicious mouth watering treats. I knew if I went I wouldn’t be able to stop and I think I was right =/. There was one that opened up about 10 minutes from my house and I finally got to it on Sunday. I am in LOVE. Andddd yesterday while cruising around near my new apartment that I will be moving into September 1st I found anotherrrrr self serve joint and it was EVEN BETTER!! It’s called Yogurt Crazy and has 14 flavors and like 50 toppings!! I went twice yesterday =/. I wish I had my camera so I could show all of you my delicious creations! I’m probably going for some later so I promise to take a picture of my mountain of yogurt!

I’m off to search for some apartments in Delaware! We might be moving!!! I’m super excited! More details to come in the future!

Lettuceless Salad!

Today has been a super relaxing day. Unfortunately I got no workout in, which is probably the reason why I want to eat everything!! Somehow I managed to surpass the urges and temptations everywhere! Today for breakfast I went back to my usual banana and fiber cereal and then snacked on an apple before heading out to the pool. I haven’t had an apple in several days so it was a nice change for me. For lunch I made the same tortilla as yesterday with 3 ounces of BH blazing buffalo chicken, tomato, spinach, a light LC swiss cheese wedge with carrots on the side. Just like the past two days- delish!

For dinner tonight I made myself something new- a lettuceless salad! It consisted of broccoli slaw, tomato, baby carrots, cucumber, and a little more than 5 ounces of freshly grilled chicken. I also squeezed some fresh lemon juice and a squirt of dijon mustard over the top for flavor. It was pretty good but I would have rather eaten the chicken alone since I love grilled chicken plain. I also snacked on some sweet fresh cherries today and a plum. Another day that ended well! One more day of healthy eating before my weigh-in! It better be good otherwise I will have a hard time getting through this week!!

Two day recap!

The past two days have been super busy. I had work both nights. They weren’t super busy nights but I kept moving for the most part. Wednesday I went to my favorite mixer class in the morning. It was a great class. None of the energy suckers were there, alwaysss a plus! It’s always so nice to workout in the morning because it’s over and done with in the beginning of the day and keeps me on my game all day long. When I don’t workout I feel the need to cheat sometimes which is super annoying. I need that endorphine flow everyday!!

Lunch was this delicious wrap I made below- 3 ounces of BH chicken with tomato and baby spinach on a WW tortilla and a LC cheese wedge smothered all over the tortilla. It was sooo good!!! My sister came up with this wrap and I’m sooo in!

For dinner Wednesday night, I made some egg whites and turkey bacon on a WW sandwich thin. I had a tomato sliced, cucumber slices and baby carrots. For my sweet tooth, I had a huge 9 ounce peach that was sooo juicy and delicious!

At work I brought myself a Chobani to snack on. It always gives me energy when I finally get to eat it! After work we went to our friend’s house to go swimming again and it was sooo cold out! All week it has been HOT and perfect nights to swim, except Wednesday of course. We ended up spending most of the time in the hot tub! Butttt, my friends made cheeseburgers and hot dogs on the grill to snack on and I was sooo jealous. I hate when I’m starving late at night and I can’t eat! I made it through. There was no way I was letting myself down after a perfect day of working out and eating healthy. So much temptation this week and so many cravings. I just have to keep thinking about my cheat day next Saturday and hopefully I will make it!

Thursday morning I woke up to go to yoga at 10:30. It was a “early” morning for me because I go to sleep so late but I had more energy than I had expected. The bananas we had weren’t ripe enough so I made quick oats with cinnamon and a diced/sliced peach. It was sooooo good!! My morning banana is starting to get some competition! I actually considered making this again today.


Yoga was great. I haven’t been in so long and it felt so good to stretch and take a more relaxing class than mixer. I hopped on the treadmill after and got in the most amazing treadmill workout. I haven’t ran since the end of May so I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I ended up running for about 15 minutes, which is H U G E for me!!!

Lunch I made the same thing as yesterday except with some fresh blazing buffalo chicken!!!…

Dinner was quick before work, similar to yesterday except I made steamed cauliflower and had once slice of WW toast under my egg whites and turkey bacon.

Can you tell I’m not into chicken this week? I needed a nice break from it and I think I did well! I’m so happy I made it through this week so far without cheating. It’s been a hard week so far. I can’t wait until my weigh-in day on Sunday. I hope the scale shows my hard work! We will see!

I’m off to relax by the pool for a bit then get some type of workout in maybe?! I’m off from work tonight!!!


Today was definitely an improvement in my weakness and hunger. I had another busy day but made it through. I had some cravings but only when I was truly hungry. I ended up around 1,100 calories today, which is probably low but I snacked on some cherries and wasn’t sure how many calories they had so I wanted to leave a few in case they were more than I thought. Plus I didn’t work out so I always feel like I should eat a little less…crazy, I know!

Lunch was kinda late but I made myself the last of my BH buffalo chicken sandwich with some carrots. Same as yesterday with some baby spinach and tomato.

For dinner my sister and I made quite a few different things! I made the sweet potato fries and zucchini, while she made the egg white and turkey bacon cups! This whole meal totally hit the spot. I also had a cup of raspberries after and some more cherries.

I’m off to relax then pass out so I can wake up for mixer tomorrow at 8:30! Ahhh, I love the class but I hate waking up early! I hope to get a walk in with Reilly somewhere if it’s not almost 100 degrees like today and I’m working 5-11! Happy Hump Day tomorrow!