Egg Whites & Turkey Bacon

Just looking at the title, you must know it’s one of three options that I had for dinner- eggs and bacon in a tortilla, on a British muffin or egg white and bacon cups! Tonight was the first one. It totally hit the spot, like whoa! I had some steamed broccoli (totally getting sick of it) and carrots on the side. I was going to try and get to the gym but I had some last homework to do and I didn’t even get it done! I ended up going food shopping with my sister because we were totally lacking on fresh veggies and fruit. We got a bunch of fresh produce! Can’t wait to eat it! Tomorrow morning I’m heading to a mixer class that starts at 8am! It’s perfect so I can shower and get ready before work. Then I’m working 10-4 and then 6-1 at the catering hall. It’s going to be a long day but I really need the money! Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday!


Banana & Almond Butter Deliciousness!

While driving home today I was in the mood for something super delicious! I ended up making this snack that was inspired by my sister. She made it one day with a WW tortilla, almond butter, and some banana slices. However, I needed a crunch and I had several calories to work with!…I decided to add a few more ingredients and WhaLa!

This is the wrap open! I mixed together 1/4 small container of plain Fage yogurt with 1 tbsp of TJs almond butter. I spread it out all over my tortilla and then organized my banana slices. On top for the crunch was a caramel rice cake all crushed up. I then rolled it up and this is what it looked like:

Not the greatest picture, but the taste was out of this world! So good!! It was like a party on my tongue! Now that I ate 870 calories already, dinner will be super small…maybe egg whites?! Who knows!

Chicken Rollups!

What a blah day. The baby literally slept all day so far and it’s 3pm! Hey I’m not complaining but kinda bored! It’s so nasty out today. Dark, cloudy, rainy, and it might snow tonight…I thought tomorrow was April! Anyways breakfast was my usual, banana with fiber cereal and I had a Chobani at lunch since the kitchen was occupied and the yogurt was the easiest thing for me to grab that I brought. Lunch I forgot my lettuce and tomato. It must have slipped behind my other goodies I had packed so I’m veggie less, besides my carrots. So for lunch I kinda changed it up a little. I’m having my blazing buffalo wrapped around my carrots! It’s actually raelly good. I used to eat this back when I younger and dip it in some mustard. I used to loveee it! It actually brought back some fond memories =]….I’m also having an apple with it because that is all I have with me! Once I get home from work I’ll have a more exciting snack, I promise! P.S. Don’t mind the picture or my nasty nailpolish! I had to snap it super quick before they knew what I was taking a picture of!! hehe

Chicken with onion & peppers!

Tonight for dinner I made chicken with satuteed onion, peppers and fresh garlic, some steamed cauliflower and a sweet potato. It was delicious; however I’m a little upset there was no green on my plate. I guess it’s okay since there are a ton of other veggies! I pretty much finished up my power point, which is such a good feeling. I have to double check it a few more times for everything and then I can hand it in! YES! Once it goes in, time to relax for the night! Alright, I’m off to clean the dishes and pack my things for tomorrow! Night everyone! =]

Hump Day!!

Pheww I am ecstatic it’s Wednesday! My final is due by 10pm tonight and then I am basically free from this class (with the exception of 3 more posts by Sunday). While at work today, I spent another 3 or so hours working on getting this power point done. It’s totally consuming my life!!!  I have a few more things to do- probably about an hour more and then it should be ready to hand in! Lunch today was some blazing buffalo BH chicken that my fiancé picked up for me last night. It sooo hit the spot!! I’ve been eating oven gold chicken or turkey and it just isn’t the same! I had tomato and romaine with it, and some carrots. Alright, I’m off to write a few more thank you’s from my bridal shower! I like to get them sent as soon as possible! =]


Sorry for my slacking lately with blogging. I’m really not slacking I’ve just been super busy! Yesterday I had to work from 9:30-7 then go home make dinner and then I spent over three hours after dinner working on my final for my class I’m taking. I got a ton of it done last night which made me soo happy because it’s been on my mind. While working yesterday, I ate lunch with the mother so it would have been totally awkward if I took a picture of my sandwich. I had the usual- turkey and tomato on WW bread with carrots on the side. I didn’t have any lettuce because I forgot to pack it!!! Whoops. I did get to snap a picture of my dinner which is to the left! I had some fresh chicken with a laughing cow cheese smothered all over it! Then tons of veggies- broccoli, peppers, carrots, green beans and a sweet potato! Nice and healthy since I really needed to debloat! All in all a busyyyy day!

Successful day back!

Mixer went very well tonight! We had a great class with constant dripping sweat! It was exactly what I needed! Once I got home, I had some steamed broccoli with yellow and green squash and 4 ounces of rotisserie chicken. Nice and healthy! I also had a cup of strawberries for dessert…they weren’t that sweet tho =/. Tomorrow is back to work- week 2 of babysitting! I also have to go visit my friend who had a baby on Saturday…not sure if I’ll be able to fit that in tomorrow since I’m babysitting 9:30am-7pm. We shall see! I also have my final project due on Wednesday by 10pm for my class I’m taking online. I have to work on that tonight some more and tomorrow night as well, ugh…Meals tomorrow are nothing exciting for all those checking in on me, just a heads up! I’m off to shower and have a nice cup of green tea. Night ya’ll!

Back to the Grind!

Today was back to the grind of dieting and working out. Luckily I’m off Mondays so I was able to get to the gym and get a decent workout in. I did 30 minutes on the treadmill and 10 minutes on the elliptical. It was overall a great workout! Breakfast this morning was a banana with fiber cereal! I haven’t had it since Friday so I excited for it! Because I had the cheat day yesterday I wasn’t too hungry this morning so I waited until I actually felt hungry to eat which was at noon. I had some things to do around the house and some errands to run before the gym so I ate an apple on my way there. Once I got home I made lunch (at 4pm!), I had 3 ounces of chicken, some zucchini, carrots with 1 tbsp of hummus. Off to relax before mixer tonight!

Bridal Shower!!!

Sunday was my bridal shower! It was a crazy morning with my dress ripping, waking up sore and cranky from working so much Saturday and just not really knowing anything about what was happening! I ended up getting there slightly later than expected but not by much! It was an AMAZING day and I owe it all to my mother who planned them most wonderful shower I could ever ask for. Love you mom, xoxo! We had a Sunday Champagne Brunch! Here are some photos to recap the day:

This was what all the lovely tables looked like. My favorite flower is a gerber daisy so she incorporated it into the favors! They’re all real flowers! The theme she was going for was the same as my old colors for my wedding but because I changed them after she bought everything, she kept with this theme…and I think it looked AMAZING!

This was a shot of the place filling up right before I arrived!

My awesome cupcake tiered cake! In the cake on top there is raspberry mousse filling (MY FAVORITE..momma knows me well!) and can I just say, stunning view!

Surprise!! I was so excited to see everyone and totally amazed by how awesome everything turned out! My sister brought me there and blindfolded me so I wouldn’t know where we were going!

Mom with her girls! =]

There were a TONNNN of gifts, an overwhelming amount actually. I tried to open them quickly as to not bore everyone there but I wanted to look at everything so badly! My sister made me this hat with all the ribbons and bows, just like the tradition! I felt so silly!

This is a shot of the bridesmaids, minus one- Marissa! In total I have 6 wonderful girls in my bridal party, each whom I love!

Here are the girls again. I just love this picture so I had to post it…definitely will be framed!

And one last picture! From the left is my future sister-in-law, my sister, my mom, me, my grandma, and my future mother-in-law!<3 Love them all so much!

As you can see it was an amazing day! It went by so quickly I cannot even tell you. If this is how quickly the wedding is going to go by, I definitely want to add an extra hour because it’s not fair that it’s over so quickly!

As for food, which is why I have this blog…I had my first cheat day since February 1st! Unfortuantely I didn’t really get to enjoy a ton of the food at the shower because I was talking to everyone, opening gifts and so forth. I did have some waffles, bacon, fruit with yogurt and granola, a corn muffin, and more! It was delicioussss! For dessert I had some raspberry mousse filled cake and they also had cheesecake and this chocolate lovers cake! I took a few bites of each! YUM! Once we got all the gifts packed and home, I was hungry! We decided to head to this italian family style restaurant that opened up in my town which is amazing (so I’ve heard until yesterday)!…and it was!! We had filet mignon with gorgonzola cheese, this dish with chicken, peas and carrots over linguine in a light cream sauce, classic lasagna, and chicken parm! We also got a gorgonzola walnut salad to start us off which was out of this world! All in all it was an amazing day and I owe it all to my mother (and my father and sister for helping out!) Love them all<3

Saturday Recap!

There is a reason for my slacking in the blog world, I promise! This weekend I pulled a double at the catering hall on Saturday and then Sunday was my bridal shower!! It was a super fun, event filled weekend with my first cheat day since February 1st! I’ll start with recapping Saturday since I did take a picture of all my food goods that I packed with my for work. Breakfast was something I eat often…4 egg whites, 3 slices turkey bacon, tortilla, and laughing cow light swiss cheese wedge! I also had a kiwi on the side. It was perfect to keep me going for 13 hours on my feet! To the right is what I brought for the day. It included a banana, an apple, a black cherry Chobani, some almonds and for dinner I had tuna on a flatout with celery and romaine with some carrots on the side. It doesn’t seem like enough but it was 1200 calories. Although I did not eat the apple because of time constraints. Overall it wasn’t a terrible day. I was EXHAUSTED by the end and my lower back was killing me but I made a decent amount in tips and got 13 hours in!