Feeling AMAZING!

Just like my title suggests: I am feeling amazing! Tonight for the first time I ran outside more than I ever thought I could. Running on the treadmill is HARD for me. Running outside KILLS me. Today I did 4 miles of outside cardio and ran for about half of it! I basically did intervals and when I got home I was a sweaty, happy (proud) mess!

Meals haven’t been too thrilling. Although yesterday I tried a new sandwich. Because I was in a rush and didn’t toast my bread because I didn’t want it to get soggy since I was bringing it with me, I ended gagging the sandwich down. Not good. I made a hummus, egg white, and tomato sandwich and boy was it unappetizing. I think it may taste better if the bread is toasted so maybe I will try that in the future.  I didn’t get a picture because I forgot my camera! poop!

Quite a few of my meals this week were on-the-go things like an apple and raw almonds because I’ve been trying to get sooo much done and have done pretty well in doing so! Only 9 more days, well basically 8 since today is almost over! I can’t wait!!

Here is the only meal I’ve been able to capture a picture of:

Tonight’s dinner was grilled chicken, tomatoes from the garden, cucumber, and baby carrots. It was really good and super filling. I LOOOVEEE grilled chicken. That taste from the grill is just so delicious!

Last night I started graduate classes. My first one is relatively easy, well it appears to be, while my second one is filled with presentations and things I don’t like. I was thinking of switching out but I figured I may as well stay since it’s good to get both classes done in one night. I also have a friend from my undergraduate school in both classes and we made another friend! haha, I sound like I’m back in grade school! I hate that lonely feeling though so it was awesome to see a familiar face! All of the students in the program seem to be super sweet which is fantastic!

As for the apartment, it’s coming along slowly but surely. We’re having issues with the cabinets because we thought they were going to be much cheaper than they actually are since we need custom cabinets. Not really sure what we’re going to do since they’re like double what we wanted to spend…who knows!

Tomorrow is my final dress fitting! I’m pumped to see how it truly fits. Hopefully well because I think I lost some weight this week even though I wasn’t supposed to (shush!). I will find out tomorrow at my weigh-in! Ahhh can’t wait! Today I also went shopping for a rehearsal dinner dress and found one in a size that I haven’t worn since freshman year, umm SIX years ago! I could not believe it. Such a great feeling!

I’m off to handle some more wedding things and then go visit Jhon at work with some of our friends! Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


Only 11 more days!!

AHHH! The wedding is getting soo close! I can officially say I’m getting married NEXT week! I never thought the day would finally come and here it almost is. I have some time tonight so I figured I would do a quick update of some of the lovely eats that I have consumed the last couple days! Nothing super exciting although it’s not just chicken and egg whites!

In other good news, I’m only 1 pound away from my lowest! The month of August was a rough one for me, not totally sure why. I battled up and down with about 10 pounds and finally got them off (hopefully for good). I had my final dress fitting last Thursday and I go in this Thursday to try it on and make sure everything is fitting well. I’m quite nervous because the dress has yet to fit my body correctly, although this week was the first of the alterations. I’m just hoping for it to be perfect! I was told not to lose any more weight by the woman in the salon; however since I have a wedding this weekend and I want to enjoy myself, I figured I would diet this week and then if I bloat/gain a pound over the weekend I will be just fine! I’m concerned with the long travel distance (Long Island to Boston) and being out of my element. I’m sure everything will turn out well! I’m super pumped to dance and have a great time this weekend andddd to be done working for almost a month!! WOOOOP =]

Tomorrow I start grad courses. It’s a new school and I have no clue where I’m going, ugh don’t you just hate that. I have two classes from 5-8:50 and a nice 45 minute drive. I plan to go there relatively early and find my way around. I’m pretty sure I know where my last class is but I don’t even know where I can park, which building is which, and so forth. Wish me luck…I’m sure going to need it!

I think that’s pretty much it. We’ve been working on the apartment and last minute wedding details, gym and dieting. Lots of time consuming things. Hopefully I will be able to provide another update before the big day! Until then, hope all is well with everyone!


I realize I’ve been MIA for a while now but I am happy to report things are going very well! I’m veryyyy busy with all the last minute wedding plans and the apartment was in much worse condition than we thought. We’re tearing the whole thing apart and doing everything in our power to make it a perfect first place for us =]. Unfortunately that means that blogging will have to take a backseat for a while. I’m also starting grad school classes next week so I have a ton on my plate! I’m going to share some pictures I’ve been snapping of my meals. I didn’t get around to taking a picture of everything I ate but some lunches/dinner here and there!

Meals are pretty self-explanatory and boring (for you guys!). I’ve enjoyed them quite a bit. I have to say I’m kinda over egg whites for a while, well hard-boiled ones. I had them for dinner tonight and I wasn’t really feelin’ them. Tomorrow is my FINAL dress fitting. I’m happy (for the most part) where I am. I’ve made awesome progress. I have to remember the big picture. I’ve lost 65 pounds which is an accomplishment in itself. I hope to lose about 5 more before the wedding so my dress still fits but I’m at 70 pounds! Only 16 more days!! ahhh =]

Month of Marriage!!

Ahhh it’s September!! I cannot believe it! The month that I am getting married is finally here! And can you believe I’ve been horrible, well not good, on my diet since Friday (my bachelorette party!). I really wanted to make the title of this post “self-sabotage” but I figured I would go with something more positive! Just wanted to share this picture of the girls before our amazing night out! Thanks to my sister for making those awesome goody bags for all the ladies!

I’m happy to say that today I am back on track. I have my final dress fitting next Thursday which basically is how I’m going to look in my dress for my wedding. I’m a little upset about this because I felt like a blimp, whale, elephant, etc today. In mixer I  just wanted to stop because I was super frustrated with myself. I don’t know what my deal is but I have some serious eating issues that need to be resolved. Hopefully after the wedding I can work on them!

Part of the reason I have been eating poorly (mostly at night…I tend to be good during the day and horrible around dinner/night time) is because I’ve been super busy getting everything done for the wedding. I’ve been unbelievably stressed so avoiding the gym and eating whatever I can get my hands on quickly seemed like a much better option. Now I’m paying for it but at least all that stuff is done!

I decided TODAY I’m switching my master’s degree from Literacy to TESOL (ESL). ESL is truly what I want to do but unfortunately it costs about 10,000 dollars more because of the location of the program. I realized I’m being so stupid starting a master’s degree that I won’t enjoy doing just because it’s cheaper! I’m glad I realized this before classes started. Today involved a ton of phone calls and paperwork so I can make this switch!

Today Jhon and I officially became renters. We have our own place!!! I’ve been waiting for this for months, NO yearss!!! We have some work to do in the apartment but I’m so happy it can finally start happening! All of our amazing gifts can be put to use!

Okay anyway eats for today were very simple. For breakfast I had a banana and some fiber cereal. For a pre-workout snack I had a Chobani with fiber cereal. I came home and had an apple before I made this dinner below:

5 hard-boiled egg whites, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, and carrots. I also had a kiwi after! I’m really into my hard-boiled egg whites lately. They are super delicious, quick, and easy. Tomorrow is another super busy day so I may try and make a wrap with some tomatos, egg whites, and hummus?! Sound good? I’m not totally sure but we will see! I should be good to stay on track because once I have one good day usually I’m set!

I plan on getting to the gym for some cardio in the morning and then Zumba at 5. I’ve never been to the class but my mom told me that she will go with me if I help her out during the day. She has a recall on her car that her steering wheel may fall off while driving so we need to get it fixed asap! No work for me until a double (9am-1:30am) on Saturday =(