Orange Lake Resort!

Hello from sunny Florida!

Vacation has been great so far! We’ve been having such a relaxing, yet fun-filled vacation. I have a little time this morning so I figured I would update what I’ve been up to!

lazy river

Lazy river at our resort!

We arrived in Florida Thursday evening and we were all starving. We headed to this place called Sweet Tomatoes, which is a 55-foot salad bar that also serves soups, has a bakery, and desserts. Everything is fresh and locally grown. It’s amazing! If you have one near you, I suggest you stop in! We love it there.

I started off with a salad the first night.


I also had a sweet potato because they have the sweetest, softest roasted sweet potatoes EVER!

Breakfasts have been exactly the same as I eat at home. I wanted to keep something consistent, especially because we have been going out for at least one meal a day and I don’t want to come home 15 pounds heavier. We picked up Voskos Greek yogurts because they were on sale and I have been enjoying their different flavor from Chobanis.




For lunch, we made sandwiches the first two days using Boar’s Head chicken, tomato, lettuce, and a light English muffin.




For dinner Friday night, we went to Seasons 52. They pride themselves on a menu with every item below 475 calories, using fresh ingredients and a seasonally changing menu. This restaurant has been on our list to try each time we visit Florida, so we were excited to finally visit.


Jhon & I

For appetizers, we had to try their flatbreads, which they are well-known for.


We ordered a steak, cremini mushroom, and blue cheese flatbread, as well as a roasted eggplant parm one. On the side was also steamed asparagus.

For dinner, I ordered a BBQ chicken salad.


The chicken was on skewers and was very juicy and fresh. The salad included baby spinach, romaine, fresh corn, roasted red peppers, sunflower seeds, and crumbled blue cheese. It was delicious!

And even though we don’t normally order dessert, we had to try some of these mini-desserts they brought around because they were just too delicious looking to pass up.


I ordered the raspberry cannoli mini dessert and it was amazing!!


I also enjoyed a cup of green tea.

For Mother’s Day, we took a trip to Lake Eola in downtown Oralndo and there was an amazing farmer’s market for us to walk around. I got the most delicious roasted red pepper hummus and bean & corn salsa.


Love you mom 🙂

We enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner at Bahama Breeze. My parents love that restaurant and it was the only place that didn’t have a 2 hour wait!


We were starving by the time we arrived so we immediately chose two appetizers to get something in our bellies. We chose chicken quesadillas and plantains with pulled pork. They were so good!!!

For my entree, I ordered a carnitas rice bowl with plantains, corn, chorizo, yellow rice, and chickpeas. I wasn’t a huge fan at all so I ended up swapping with Jhon because he ordered a steak rice bowl, which was delicious!!

Jhon had to head home last night because he could’t take more time off work. After dropping him off, we stopped by the outlets and did a little shopping. On our way home, we picked up some Krispy Kreme donuts for the group. I never had one before so I couldn’t pass it up. I chose a New York cheesecake donut and boy it was good!


Mine is the bottom left one. SOOOO GOOD!

Last night for a late night snack, we made taco bites!


In Tostitos scoops, we added ground turkey with taco seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, and salsa. I had two servings of those bad boys!

There have also been many alcoholic beverages consumed.


Saturday night we ordered this awesome beer bong! 100 ounces of bud light!! Super cold, super bubbly, super delicious ;).



I’m off to the lazy river to get my tan & drink on! I’ll report back sometime this weekend!


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