I am officially done with my graduate program! I cannot explain how excited I am! No more worries about homework or assignments! I can now focus on subbing, preparing for my new job in June, dieting, and getting things ready for my move! It’s such an amazing relief.

Today was a very fulfilling day. I got so much done and stuck to my diet! Nine days and still going strong!

Breakfast was the usual.


A blood orange Chobani with 2/3 cup Trader  Joe’s high fiber cereal!

After a half-day shift at work and a ton of errands, I grabbed a quick apple to snack on. I also brought the dog for a 30-minute power walk/jog. It was really warm today so I came home a hot mess! Felt wonderful!

About an hour later, I made myself a bowl of oats.


I made 1/2 cup quick oats with cinnamon, 1 tbsp chia seeds, and a diced pear. Oats and fruit always hit the spot!



A romaine salad with 5 ounces of chicken, tomato, and lettuce. No dressing tonight!

Good day, don’t ya think?

So, I’m thinking about trying cottage cheese because of the high protein content. Not sure if I like it. Does anyone have any suggestions on delicious ways to spice it up? I was thinking maybe jam or laughing cow cheese? I guess I will have to mess around with it! Please share any suggestions!

I’m off to relax, worry free!!


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