Busy Bee

Today was a crazy day in my neck of the woods. I spent the day observing a friend of mine who is an ESL teacher while also helping her administer the NYSESLAT, which is a NYS test that all ESL students are required to take annually. It was a great experience and the day flew by!

I enjoyed the usual for breakfast:


A black cherry Chobani with 2/3 cup Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal.

Lunch followed 3.5 hours later. Nothing special.


1/2 cup quick oats with cinnamon, 1 cup fresh blueberries, and 1 tbsp chia seeds.

Once I left my friend’s school, I headed to my parents house to hang for a bit before heading off to the gym for my 1 hour sculpt class.

A quick snack happened:


A banana with 2/3 cup Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal and tons of water! That’s the nalgene that I fill and drink about 4 times a day, if not more!

In addition to my sculpting class, I took the dog on a 20-minute power walk once I got home from the gym. While walking, something freaked him out and he could not wait to get home. It was so strange. I couldn’t figure out what was up with him and once we got home, he ran to his cage. Weird.

Dinner was a nice big salad!


Romaine lettuce, 5.5 ounces chicken, tomato, and carrot…oh, and 2 tbsp 35-calorie Bolthouse Farms blue cheese dressing!

I’m so close to finishing those assignments due tomorrow night!! I actually finished and submitted one earlier and am 97% done with the other one! I just can’t seem to get my mind into and it’s going to make or break my 4.0 GPA for my graduate career so I need to really buckle down and make sure I’m happy with my choice of words and explanations. I guess it will have to wait for tomorrow because it’s after 10 already and I’m shot!

Night all.


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