Successful Weekend!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine went by super fast. I really can’t believe it’s almost Monday already.

I am super pumped because I managed to stay 100% on track this weekend! I made fabulous choices and feel great about it!

After my homework and haircut Saturday, I made a super quick salad to bring to work. It was very simple: romaine lettuce, tomato, carrot, and 6 ounces of chicken. I forgot to snap a picture because I was running around like a chicken without a head, but I think you’ve seen plenty salad pictures this past week.

I also snacked on an apple at work that night.

Sunday morning started off a little later than I hoped. We didn’t get out of bed until around 10:15 because we got home so late from work Saturday night. I quickly ate breakfast before heading out to get a pedicure for my upcoming Florida trip!


Breakfast was a black cherry Chobani with 2/3 cup Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal.

After some other errands, filling out the application for our future townhouse rental, and my lovely pedi, I made some oats for lunch.


1/2 cup quick oats with cinnamon and 1 cup fresh blueberries. They were lacking chia seeds because I was all out, but I did manage to pick some up on my travels later in the afternoon.

After lunch, I headed to the library to work on those two last assignments that are still hanging over my head. I got a decent amount done with my friends Saturday, but there was still a decent amount to do. I spent about 3 hours at the library until it was time to meet up with my sister to do some townhouse shoppin’!

I ate an apple on my ride over to Home Goods and we spent a good two hours shopping and trying to figure out color themes and decorations for our new place. We settled on lime green accents for our kitchen and got a bunch of awesome decorations. Can’t wait to put them to use next month!

Dinner was at my parents tonight. I made a super quick salad because I had to get home to my pup!


Romaine lettuce with 6 ounces of chicken, tomato, and carrot. I also added 2 tbsp of Bolthouse Farms 40-calorie Thousand Island.

And that concludes my weekend. I’m off to hang with the hubby who just got home from a shift at the catering hall. I was supposed to work today as well but ended up getting my shift covered because I had so much to get done. Glad I was off!

Time to get this week started so I can end it floating on the lazy river, getting my tan on ;).


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