Great Mood!

I woke up this morning in a great mood! The sun was shining brightly through the window and I felt like today was going to be a productive day. Hopefully that turns out to be the case!

After waking up and eating breakfast, a raspberry Chobani with 2/3 cup Trader Joe’s high fiber cereal,


I took Diesel out in the backyard for quite a few rounds of fetch! He wanted to play so I figured I would get some fresh air and give the pup a little exercise! It’s actually only 32 degrees right now but the sun warms you up!

On the agenda today:

  • the next portion of my ESL portfolio (due 2/26 but it’s very time consuming unfortunately)
  • bank
  • gas station
  • possible bosu class at 5 or 5:30
  • grocery shopping
  • start packing/gathering up items to pack

Those are the major things that I plan on doing today. Getting domain II complete for my portfolio is my main concern! Luckily, I have nothing stopping me! Time to get to it now!


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