Amazing Find!

So far I’ve been great this week! It’s only Tuesday, but honestly the hardest part about eating on a “diet” for me is starting. I managed to avoid all sweets at my mom’s house. I followed through and made oatmeal. I had 1/2 cup quick oats made with water and cinnamon mixed in!


I sliced up that banana which was very ripe and delicious! The only way that I can eat a ripe banana is with oatmeal. Other than that, I like ’em a little under ripe!

The rest of the afternoon involved searching the web to help me create a packing list for the cruise next week!!! I also stopped by Marshall’s right before tutoring and found this dress that I eyed last year at Bloomingdales but couldn’t bring myself to get it for $168!


At Marshall’s I got it for $59.99!! Score! So excited to wear it on the cruise!

P.S. This is the picture I took last May which was still saved on my phone because of how much I loved the dress!! So ironic that I found it today!

Once I got home from tutoring, I snacked on an apple.

Dinner came shortly after. I didn’t have much in the form of lean protein so I went with a replica of last night’s dinner.


Four egg whites with three slices of turkey bacon on a light english muffin. I also added a light swiss laughing cow cheese wedge for some gooey-ness! On the side, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, and orange bell pepper.

In other news, I got an email today from a charter school in DE that they were impressed with the answers to my pre-interview questions. Next step…phone interview! Sometime either Thursday or Friday of this week! I’ll hear back tomorrow in regard to the time and date! It’s super exciting to finally hear back from a school!

I’m off to hang with the hubby! Normally I would be at class tonight but the university changed Monday classes to Tuesday, canceling Tuesday classes! Hey, it’s cool with me!


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