After our little cocktail hour, Jhon and I took a quick trip to BJ’s wholesale. I wanted to buy some romaine lettuce and like I said before, I can’t spend $3.99 on three romaine hearts. So instead, I spent $4.99 on six! We also picked up a few other things. Two that I would like to share are:


A while back, my father picked up these Blueberry Almond Pops from 180Snacks and my family was in love! I saw them again today and just had to get them! $3.99 for this huge bag. Definitely can’t beat that!

I also picked up these huge lavash bread wraps. They’re HUGE for 100 calories! I haven’t tried them yet but them seem as though they’re going to be a staple in my kitchen!

Dinner ended up healthy thanks to my fresh romaine lettuce:


I topped my salad with rotisserie chicken, blue cheese, tomato, and about 2 tbsp of Trader Joe’s balsamic vinaigrette. Delish!

In other news…my sister and I booked a Bahama cruise for February 26-March 6 of this year! Only about 4 weeks away! It was completely spontaneous and totally unexpected.

This means it’s time to get my booty to the gym as much as possible and really get on top of my eating habits! I did not expect to be sportin’ a bikini in February!! I already prepared my lunch for tomorrow since I’m working! It’s a replica of dinner tonight. Time to get serious!

Here’s a copy of itinerary! Can you tell how excited I am!!!


It should be a ton of fun!! It’s just my sister and I going so we will have plenty of time to relax and get some quality time in! Can’t wait!!


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