Wonderful Weekend!

So far this weekend has been wonderful! I took an hour long nap yesterday before making a taco salad for dinner. I used 80% ground beef when I normally use ground chicken or turkey so they tasted slightly more indulgent. I had some multigrain Tostitos with the salad.


Yum! We spent the evening celebrating our friend’s birthday at a local bar. We’ve actually never been to it so it was great to do something new. I had a bit too much to drink but we had a fantastic night. Unfortunately I didn’t get into bed until around 4:30am after eating Taco Bell. Those new grillers are amazing drunk food!

Today my mom hosted that massage/facial/psychic party that I spoke about the other day. My massage was amazing. I didn’t plan on seeing the psychic but when my mom and sister came out, I decided I had to. He was phenomenal! He reads for tons of celebrities and even read for Princess Diana! I forget his name now, but I will link it once I get in touch with my mom. He was spot on with everything and it was very interesting to hear all the things he had to say. My grandmother passed away in December and she was right there for all three of us, my mom, my sister, and I!  A few things I found interesting:

  • He claims I’m supposed to be pregnant! (AHH!) Apparently I’m very fertile and won’t have trouble conceiving once we’re ready. 
  • My husband is my soul mate! (I could have told you this)
  • Our plan to move to Delaware is a very positive change that will only bring us wonderful things!
  • My teaching career will be very successful!

Very exciting news…besides the first one since I hope to move and get settled before having a baby.

As for food today, I snacked all day long. The party was more of an open house so from 1:30-8:30 people were in and out. We prepped tons of appetizers. I didn’t have any real meals. Here’s a photo of our fruit, veggie, and cheese and cracker spread.


I enjoyed quite a bit off of these plates! We also had some hot food and desserts prepared so I’m feeling rather full right about now. Time to relax a bit. I think we may be heading out to get together with some of our friends a little later.

Last but not least, today I found out a wonderful friend of mine asked me to be a bridesmaid in her 2014 wedding! I’m unbelievably honored and am looking forward to all the preparations and events leading up to the big day! Love you Maria!

Enjoy your Saturday night!


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