Salmon Salad!

I didn’t have any work scheduled for today so I was open to whatever calls came my way. When my phone rang at 5:40, I was pleasantly surprised in hearing that a position was open at the elementary school literally one minute from my house! This meant I could sleep later and come home for lunch! Luckily, Jhon was able to meet me home for lunch so it was just perfect!

This delicious sandwich was consumed…same as yesterday- 3 ounces of BH chicken on a WW sandwich flat with tomato and romaine lettuce and carrots on the side. Delish!

I subbed in a second grade classroom today and it was a relatively easy day. The class was wonderful and honestly a joy to work with. The teacher’s plans, on the other hand, were not exactly easy to understand. She used a ton of abbreviations and I was totally confused when I first saw them. Luckily, I get to the classrooms 15 minutes early so I can prepare/try to figure out anything that is not understandable. The day ended up very well!

When I came home I had this snack:

It was very similar to one of my favorite breakfasts- a banana with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal! We bought a ton of bananas and I want to eat them before they go bad. Now that Jhon and I are both counting our calories, we have to portion everything out, leaving much more food then before.

Dinner was a salmon salad made with romaine lettuce and tomatoes.

It was fantastic! We used the same seasoning as in the past, McCormick’s salmon seasoning and freshly squeezed lemon. This was the first time we made fish in the apartment AND the first time I have ever baked fish in my life! It came out almost the same as on the grill…very similar taste and just absolutely delicious! I had a nice 6 ounce portion over my salad and licked my plate clean!

Sleep recap- another wonderful night of sleep happened last night! I went to sleep a little later than I wanted to only because I was busy doing things, but I passed out and didn’t wake up until my phone rang this morning!

Day four of diet = COMPLETE!


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