Trader Joe’s Trip with Momma!

Today my mom and I took a trip to Trader Joe’s! She’s making a margarita & quesadilla gift basket for a friend of ours for her bridal shower! She wanted to pick up some extra things to throw in, like tortilla chips and some unique salsas.  The basket is coming out amazing because she is so creative!

Above is what I got for myself. My mom bought a ton of extra things not pictured.

–  TJs High Fiber Cereal (The cereal I eat almost EVERY morning!)

– Mango Butter (FINALLYYY!!!)

– Honey Apple Butter

– Vegetable Marsala Burgers (Never saw these but figured we would try them out)

– Edamame (out of the shell)

– Quick Eggs (for a recipe I’m making this week that egg whites won’t work with)

– Whole Wheat British Muffins

– TJs Electrolyte Enhanced Water

– Blueberry Pomegranate Green Tea (New!)


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