AHHHH! I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve blogged! This weekend has been filled with partying, celebrating, drinking, eating, BBQing, and the list goes on. None of those things were on the healthy spectrum so I was sooo happy to get back to my healthy eating and schedule yesterday. I don’t know what I would do without a schedule on a normal basis. Even though I enjoyed EVERY single moment of this weekend, I woke up Monday and couldn’t wait for Tuesday to get back to reality.

Travis & Katelyn’s wedding on Friday was an amazing day for all! We had such a great time celebrating, drinking, dancing, eating, and just enjoying ourselves all around. The reception felt like it lasted only 30 minutes when in reality 4 hours flew by! She looked beautiful!! I cannot believe it’s over! I’m next in line to commit myself to the love of my life and I CANNOT wait!! =]

Yesterday I started my day off with a banana and 2/3 cup of TJs fiber cereal. It hit the spot and felt so good to eat it! I clearly haven’t been as regular the past 3 days so I’m hoping within the next day or two I’m back to normal. I had an apple for snack and a BH blazing buffalo chicken sandwich for lunch. I used a WW sandwich flat because my grocery store hasn’t had the bread that I normally use for a week or so. I also didn’t have any baby spinach or romaine so I got stuck eating iceberg. I don’t mind it but I hate that it has no nutritional value. I also had a red pepper sliced up on the side since we were out of baby carrots. My dad is supposed to go to Costco today so hopefully he does otherwise I’m going to make the trip!

Yesterday, I also drank a TON of water, I mean gallons probably, because this weekend I barely drank any and had so much salt and alcohol mixed in there. It was a bad situation! I headed home from work and took a quick nap before heading off to spin. The instructor this week was much harder but I liked her class sooo much better. I honestly dread going to spin because it’s so boring but yesterday I’ll admit that it wasn’t that bad! I would definitely go again, especially since I think it’s something I can do even with my injury. I got a nice sweat on and it felt soooo good!

Dinner was plain and simple- chicken with steamed brussel sprouts and a peach! My sister cooked the chicken and she put a ton of it in the pan so it basically steamed it. I wasn’t a huge fan because I like a little crispyness but I ate it!

This morning I woke up feeling so much better. Less bloated and actually hungry because I wasn’t eating until the wee hours of the morning. This past weekend honestly made me realize how great I feel from eating healthy. I missed it, as well as working out and am so happy to be back on track! Happy June everyone! Two more days until my 24th birthday!!


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