Egg whites & turkey bacon

After work today I came home to make myself some dinner before kickboxing. I decided a WW tortilla with egg whites, turkey bacon and a laughing cow cheese wedge sounded fantastic. I feel like it’s been a while since I enjoyed this lovely dish. For veggies I had some broccoli sautéed with onions (because our fridge is overflowing with broccoli) and cherry tomatoes. It definitely filled me up!

Kickboxing was very intense tonight. My quads are always sore because every class I take or workout I do involves some type of quad workout. Sometimes they get in the way and other times I can push through the pain. Tonight was a little of both. I ended up with a fantastic workout. My friend and I decided to do some time on the treadmill before heading home for the night and got in a 30 minute fast walk. We ended up chatting most of the time because she forgot her ipod so I only got in 2 minutes of running, which was fine because I was pooped! It was nice to catch up with her!

I just got home from the gym and enjoyed a blueberry Chobani with 2/3 cup TJs fiber cereal. This is like dessert to me. I could honestly eat this every night!! Tomorrow I am weighing myself for the first time since the 17th and I’m quite nervous about it because of all my cheat days/meals! Cross your fingers for me!! Off to shower! Night!


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